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Stump Land and Soil Erosion

Description: Forest destroyed by destructive logging followed by a fire. The right-hand side of the image shows where soil erosion has begun.

Green Elm Road Bridge

Date: 10 26 1986
Description: Green Elm Road Bridge over the east fork of Hemlock Creek, showing the rocks used to prevent erosion.

Erosion on McPeak Farm

Date: 1928
Description: T. N19 R. 4W about section 19, McPeak farm. A 50 foot deep ravine is seen rapidly eating its way toward farm buildings.

Erosion in Middleton

Date: 04 1937
Description: From back of print: "Dane County, Town of Middleton, north 1/2 section of section 17 looking SW from a hill across the valley showing erosion and stump pas...

Hubert Humphrey Campaigning

Date: 1960
Description: Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota campaigning for the presidential nomination in southwestern Wisconsin. Humphrey stands at the historical marker in Coo...

Stopping Gullies in Pasture Land

Date: 10 1929
Description: A man standing on a horse-drawn wagon is using a pitchfork to move hay into a field gully blocked with wood. Another man is standing behind the wagon.

Terraced Field

Date: 02 1915
Description: Elevated view of a terraced farm field belonging to M.L. Jackson. Multiple tree stumps are scattered throughout the foreground and farm buildings are in th...

Abandoned Cotton Field

Date: 03 18 1915
Description: View of an abandoned cotton field along the side of a dirt road. A farmhouse and farm buildings are in the distance.

Soil Erosion

Date: 1915
Description: A boy standing near a large area of soil erosion in a rural area.

Lindsey Reese in Abandoned Field

Date: 02 17 1915
Description: Lindsey Reese, dressed in a hat and suit jacket, standing in an abandoned field. Several farm buildings are in the far background.

Washed and Gullied Field

Date: 06 1927
Description: View of a washed and gullied field on the farm of LeRoy LeFevre. A farmhouse, barns, windmill, and other structures are in the background.

Courthouse and Mountains

Date: 1852
Description: Landscape featuring a rural city center with a prominent courthouse surrounded by fields and woods. Rolling erosion-softened mountains rise in the backgrou...

Houses on the Banks of the Chippewa River

Description: View across river of several houses and other buildings standing at the edge of the Chippewa River. One building has stilts supporting the back porch over ...

Natural Bridge

Date: 01 20 1914
Description: Photographic postcard of a geological formation called "Natural Bridge" in Natural Bridge State Park.

Race Car Built by Ideal Body Company

Description: Race car number 6 sponsored by National Auto Elec. The body of the car was built by the Ideal Body Company. A man wearing a helmet and goggles is sitting i...

Scene at Congress Hall

Date: 1925
Description: Rock formations at Congress Hall on the Dell View Resort property.

The Narrows in Congress Hall

Date: 1925
Description: View down a narrow wooden walkway through rock formations at Congress Hall, on the Dell View Resort property.

Soil and Moisture Conservation in the Western Plains Area

Date: 1939
Description: Cover of a brochure titled "Soil and Moisture Conservation in the Western Plains Area." Includes the text: "Stop runoff, Reduce Erosion and Evaporation."

Entrance to Black Hawk Cave

Description: Entrance to Black Hawk Cave on Lake Mendota, allegedly the hiding place of Chief Black Hawk.

Monument Rock

Date: 1925
Description: A rock formation named Monument Rock. The base of the rock has been painted with graffiti.

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