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Family Bomb Shelter

Date: 1952
Description: A Wisconsin family inside their new bomb shelter.

Family in their Living Room

Date: 1955
Description: Family in their living room. The mother watches television, the father reads a newspaper, the daughter reads a book, and two sons play with a train set.

American Farm Yard In Winter

Date: 1866
Description: Stereograph of woman, man and child outdoors on a farm with snow on the ground. The woman is wearing bloomers and is holding a bucket in the process of doi...

Isaiah Pyant Family Dinner

Date: 1946
Description: Isaiah Pyant family eating dinner.

A Quiet Evening at Home

Description: Amos Elliot, pioneer stage coach driver, enjoying a quiet evening at home with his second wife, and her daughter (center), Stella Hart.

Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr. Family Portrait

Description: Formal studio portrait of Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr., his wife, and their two sons. McCormick was president of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company from...

Father with Three Children

Date: May 1958
Description: A father, Peter Froeming, watching as his three children George, Robert, and Roseann are playing with wooden blocks, with a small toy canoe in the foregrou...

Father Holding Child

Date: 1960
Description: A father is holding his young son in his arms.

Family at Dining Table

Date: 1890
Description: Family gathered at the dining table.

Family at the Beach

Date: 1890
Description: A man and three boys in swimming suits at the beach. Presumably, Lake Michigan.

Gesell Family Burlesque

Description: The Gesell family in costume with broom, sword, and other props for a humorous picture. Family members identified as follows: Gerhard Jr. (drinking from pi...


Date: September 18 1984
Description: Jennie Youn Haeng Seider, 4, of Milwaukee, used her father Jeffrey Seider's back to display her new certificate of naturalization.

Father Reading to Son

Date: December 28 1981
Description: Father reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain to his son.

Father Towing his Son

Date: March 27 1989
Description: Father on a bicycle towing son on a scooter.

Father and Infant Son

Date: March 28 1989
Description: Infant son holds father's finger.

Mowing the Lawn with Baby

Date: May 05 1985
Description: Father carrying his infant son on his back while mowing the lawn.

Girl in a Mini-Race Car

Date: May 02 1956
Description: Father demonstrates controls of a mini-race car as his daughter sits in the car.

Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Indian Father and Sons

Description: Wisconsin Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Indians Foster DeCorah and sons. Foster and son Robert served in Co. D of the 128th Infantry and were killed in WWI.

Backyard Swimming Pool

Date: July 25 1980
Description: A family relaxes by their backyard pool, while a father tosses his infant son gently in the air.

Cherry Mine Disaster Survivor and Family

Date: November 1909
Description: Postcard of a photograph of a family. Writing reads: "W.H. Clelland and Family. One of the Cherry Mine survivers [sic]. It is this man who was said...

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