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Scene from "Wac-Khaki" GI Revue

Date: October 01 1943
Description: Scene from "Wac-Khaki" GI Revue: Sergeant Henry Hale Uhar and seven other soldiers dressed as "Hawaiian Maidens," on stage at the Wisconsin Memorial Union...

Young "Girl" in Curls

Date: November 1938
Description: A young boy sits while getting his hair curled with an electric curling iron. According to an article that appeared in the January 9, 1939 Life maga...

Haresfoot Men in Costume

Date: December 06 1947
Description: Participants in the "Fifty Years of Haresfoot" costume floor show are; (standing from left to right) Evan Clingman, John Griesbach, Don Minstor, Milt Beckm...

Mop Heads

Date: December 26 1948
Description: Top-hatted master of ceremonies, Stanton Stavrum, looks on as Robert Smith, Charles Van Deitz, and Hugh Benidict in mop wigs and dresses, rehearse singing...

Dizzy Sizzlers

Date: 1950
Description: The Dizzy Sizzlers were a comedy band based in Watertown that performed throughout Wisconsin during the 1950s and 1960s.

University of Wisconsin Haresfoot Club Show

Date: March 30 1961
Description: University of Wisconsin Haresfoot Club Show returns to Madison from a six-day tour with its 1961 production, "Wonderful Show No.2." Haresfoot features in i...

Landscape with Bluff and House

Description: View across a field towards a tall bluff. On the right is a house and barn at the base of the rock formation.

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