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High Water on Madeline Island

Date: 1918
Description: House surrounded by high water on Madeline Island.

Forest Hill Cemetery Dike Damage

Date: 05 21 1933
Description: Two men examine a break in the dike and the wash out damage at Forest Hill Cemetery, Section 22. The house in the background is located at 454 Virginia Ter...

Forest Hill Cemetery Dike Damage

Date: 05 21 1933
Description: View of Forest Hill Cemetery behind 440 Virginia Terrace, showing damage to dike.

Villa Louis Flood Scene

Description: Men with shovels during the flood at Villa Louis.

Wisconsin River Flood

Date: 04 18 1965
Description: Wisconsin River in flood, looking downstream.

Oliver Chilled Plow Works Advertisement

Date: 1883
Description: Lithographed advertising card for the Oliver Chilled Plow Works commemorating the new year, 1884. The card features two color illustrations within a gold f...

Men Standing Posing on Flooded Rail Line

Date: 1919
Description: Men standing on the exposed portion of a flooded railroad track as a swiftly moving torrent of water is rushing past. Benham was a "company town" created b...

Flooded Langdon Street

Date: 05 19 1933
Description: View of Langdon Street during flood from rain. A man is standing ankle deep in water.

Flooded Park Street Viaduct

Date: 05 19 1933
Description: Flooded Park Street viaduct, with a railroad train on tracks above the viaduct. There is a car in the water under the viaduct, and a man is standing on the...

Avenue Food Shop

Date: 04 12 1933
Description: Avenue Food Shop, 546 W. Washington Avenue, showing water in basement.

Flooded Rural Road in Alabama

Date: 03 05 1915
Description: Three men are driving on a flooded rural road. Original caption reads: "In going from Fairhope, Ala. to Point Clear, Ala. the road in many places was found...

Flooded Road in Rural Alabama

Date: 02 13 1915
Description: Two men traveling in a horse-drawn wagon on a flooded rural road. Original caption reads: "Example of road building in Lamar County on the Vernon-Columbus ...

The Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus and Flooded Road

Date: 05 30 1908
Description: The Great Wallace Shows, horses and wagons, were flooded out by a sudden cloudburst.

Flood Damage on Railroad Tracks

Date: 05 05 1905
Description: Observing the flood damage to railroad tracks in the business section of town.

Derailed Locomotive and Cars

Date: 1898
Description: Elevated view of the Kickapoo & Northern Railway locomotive and cars seen here after being derailed due to flooding on the Kickapoo River.

Medina Junction Washout

Date: 1915
Description: Four men inspecting the washout of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie tracks caused by a flood at Medina Junction. The view is looking west from th...

Flooded Railroad Tracks

Date: 04 22 1965
Description: A panoramic view of the Mississippi River flooding during the spring, showing the dykes built along the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad tracks at Sec...

Railroad Tracks Flooding

Date: 04 21 1965
Description: View down flooded railroad tracks of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad by the Mississippi River. There are houses on the left, and in the backgroun...

Flood Conditions

Date: 03 16 1919
Description: View showing the flood conditions on city streets from the 1919 Flood on the Trempealeau River. Four men are surveying the damage. Caption reads: "Highwate...

Flood on Bay City Creek

Date: 1920
Description: Aftermath of the Bay City Creek flood.

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