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Koehler Family in a Garden

Date: 09 04 1895
Description: Julius Koehler family in their garden in front of their newly built frame home. The original Koehler farm was destroyed by forest fire in July of 1894, evi...
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McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 1886
Description: McCormick Harvesting Machine Company annual catalog cover featuring an illustration of a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat. Below the text reads: "Harvesting...

Ruth DeYoung Kohler

Date: 1960
Description: Portrait of Ruth DeYoung Kohler.


Date: 1832
Description: Portrait of Pocahontas.

Hosiery Display Window

Date: 06 18 1952
Description: A hosiery window display with mannequins at Hills Store, 202 State Street. A sign in the window reads: "Fruit-of-the-Loom Nationally Famous Nylons, 99 cent...

Fauerbach's Brewery Sign

Date: 1884
Description: A sign for Fauerbach's Brewery depicting a young woman and the brewery.

Valentine Flower Window Display

Date: 02 12 1941
Description: Valentine floral display window at University Floral Company, 747 University Avenue. Owned by Dea McVicar and his son Angus McVicar.

Interior of University Floral Company

Date: 11 13 1926
Description: Interior view of University Floral Company, 747 University Avenue, displaying flowers, potted plants, baskets, and wreaths.

Agnes Moorehead as a Child

Date: 1903
Description: Agnes Moorehead is shown at about 4 years of age. She wears a white dress stands beside a flowering bush.

Osborne Harvesting Machinery Advertising Poster

Date: 1915
Description: Advertising poster for Osborne brand farm implements with six color illustrations. The largest is of a portrait of a woman holding flowers. The other color...

Gammon and Deering Advertising Poster

Date: 1876
Description: Color chromolithograph illustration advertising poster for the Marsh Harvester, produced by Gammon and Deering Company. Printed by Charles Shober & Co., Ch...
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McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 01 1901
Description: Lithograph cover illustration in a mosaic styled design for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company catalog of a woman holding a miniature McCormick grain...

Rose Garden Gazebo

Date: 1917
Description: Log-constructed gazebo and person on bridge in rose garden.
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McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 1884
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company showing a "reaper used by ancient Gauls, First Century." The "reaper" is frame...

Hommel House Garden

Date: 07 25 1929
Description: Robert Hommel house in Shorewood Hills, with a rear formal garden with bird bath.

McCormick Advertising Poster

Date: 1902
Description: Chromolithograph advertising poster for McCormick mowers and rakes. Features on the top half a young boy with a reaping hook/sickle and a young girl holdin...

Buckhorn Cheese Company

Description: Exterior view of the Buckhorn Cheese Company plant. A sign painted on the exterior of the building reads: "Take One Home."

Shore Scene at Washington Island

Date: 08 24 1964
Description: Shore scene at end of Main Road showing studio and small boats at low water.

Tiedeman-Jankowshi Wedding

Date: 04 25 1942
Description: Portrait of bride Arlene Tiedeman and groom Edward Jankowski, U.W. and Green Bay football star, and Lorraine Tiedeman, bride's maid and Charles Pasch, best...

Twin Infants in Coffins

Date: 1886
Description: Studio portrait of deceased twin infants in coffins. They are Robert and Janet Fitzpatrick, born July 5, 1885, died April 20, 1886, children of Robert and ...

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