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Park Street at Olin Avenue

Date: 1948
Description: A view down Park Street at Olin Avenue. On the corner of Olin is Moore's Super Service Mobil Station and McCranner Drugs.

International Model A-4 Truck

Date: 1933
Description: International Model A-4 truck delivering heating oil to residential home in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1933. Truck was owned by Watkins-Winram Coal Co....

International Model G Trucks Hauling Coal

Date: 1918
Description: Two International two ton model G trucks hauling coal for the H.A. Robinson Fuel Co. A sign above the company's office building reads "gravity coal pockets...

Home Fuel Oil Delivery from International 620 Truck

Date: 1966
Description: A deliveryman relaxes while fuel oil flows from an International 620 fuel truck to an urban residential home.

International DR-60 Fuel Truck Delivering Gas to Fuel and Service Station

Date: May 16 1939
Description: Service station attendant pumping gas from an International DR-60 Mobiloil fuel truck at a Wadham's Oil and Grease Company station. Centered in Milwaukee,...

International Model S-26 Truck Delivering Coal to Residential Home

Date: 1930
Description: Worker unloading coal from a truck onto a chute on Seneca Parkway in Rochester. The chute appears to be leading to a residential home. However, there is c...

Shoveling Coal in an International Delivery Truck

Date: 1936
Description: Man standing in the bed of an International coal delivery truck owned by Thos. J. Kearney Jr., Inc. The man is shoveling coal and the truck is backed up to...

Volunteers at the Gas Ration Board

Date: August 16 1944
Description: Group of 14 volunteers at the Dane County Gas Ration Board to assist with wartime gas rationing, alternate view.

Damaged Timlin Oil Pump House

Date: August 17 1942
Description: Damaged pump house after an oil tank explosion at Timlin Lumber Company, 2702 University Avenue.

Fiore Coal & Oil Co. Building

Date: January 09 1939
Description: Fiore Coal and Oil Company building, 620 W. Mifflin Street.

Skelgas Trailer

Date: September 25 1938
Description: Skelgas trailer, with two gas tanks being pulled by an automobile, stopped in front of Suburban Gas & Appliance Co., 1923 Monroe Street.

Meuer Fuel Co. Oil Truck

Date: October 31 1933
Description: Meuer Fuel Co., 124-128 N. Bedford Street, Chevrolet oil truck. Signage reads: "Burn Sahara Coal for Hotter Heat."

Lake Delton Airport Hangar

Date: April 09 1931
Description: Two men are standing in front of the Lake Delton airport hangar with a windsock on the roof. Automobiles are parked inside the hangar. On the right is a fu...

Fire Damaged Texaco Station

Date: January 17 1931
Description: Fire-damaged furnace and pump room in Texaco service station.

J.B. Drives Fuel Company Truck

Date: November 05 1930
Description: A new J.B. Drives Fuel Company dump truck made by Diamond T waiting for a load at 303 S. Patterson Street.

Simon Hotel Service Station

Date: October 07 1930
Description: View of Mobiloil gas pumps at the Simon Hotel Service Station, located at 107-113 South Butler Street.

Delivery Truck

Date: April 05 1930
Description: Pyrofax bottled gas agent, Mitchell Sales Company's delivery truck. Two men wearing uniforms and hats are standing near the cab of the truck, and another m...

Empire Fuel Co. Truck

Date: September 25 1929
Description: Empire Fuel Company truck, with a man delivering fuel to a house at 1721 Regent Street.

Fuel Delivery

Date: September 25 1929
Description: An Empire Fuel Company worker delivers fuel to a house at 1721 Regent Street through a hose attached to a company truck.

Pyrofax Gas Appliances Booth

Date: August 22 1929
Description: Two salesmen posing in the Pyrofax gas appliance booth at the Dane County Fair.

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