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University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology Club

Date: March 07 1930
Description: Group portrait of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology club in the Beefeaters room in Memorial Union.

Horlick Mountains, Antarctica

Description: Unidentified explorer standing in field of snow with the Horlick Mountains of Antarctica in the background. The Horlick Mountains were named by Admiral Ric...

Airplane "William Horlick" in Antarctica

Date: 1938
Description: Curtiss-Wright Condor biplane named "William Horlick" outfitted with skis for use during Adm. Richard E. Byrd's second Antarctic expedition, 1933-35. The...

Charles Whittlesey

Date: 1858
Description: Studio portrait of geologist Charles Whittlesey dressed for a field trip.
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Climatological Map of Wisconsin

Date: 1865
Description: Map showing the location of meteorological stations and effects that Lake Michigan has had on Wisconsin temperatures in January and July. The map shows cou...

Science Hall, Geology Museum

Date: 1910
Description: Cyanotype print of the interior of the Geology Museum in Science Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. View towards corner of a room with win...
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Map of Lead Regions Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa

Description: Geological Map of the lead regions in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

Professor Richard C. Emmons

Date: June 31 1953
Description: Professor Richard C. Emmons, of the University of Wisconsin Geology Department, who is holding a gem case of glass replicas of 10 of the largest and best-k...
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Map of Wisconsin Showing Progress of Surveys

Date: 1920
Description: This map identifies the areas of the state that had been geologically surveyed or topographically surveyed, or both, as well as portions of the state still...
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Series of Sections on the Mississippi Between the the Wisconsin River and the Falls of St. Anthony

Date: 1852
Description: Hand-colored maps and a series of geological cross sections of the Mississippi River between the Falls of St. Anthony and the mouth of the Wisconsin River...
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Daearlen o Wisconsin at Wasanaeth Bwrdd ymfudiant y Dalaeth

Date: 1870
Description: A geological survey map of Wisconsin, with hand-colored portions showing the surveys completed from 1873 to 1875. Although the title and legend are in Wel...
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Four Geological Sketches of Wisconsin

Date: 1872
Description: A series of four hand-colored, geological maps of Wisconsin. Starting from the top of the page, the first map is of a section along the line of the 4th pri...
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Copy of Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, Wisc., Water Routes from the Mississippi to the Lakes by Maj. D.C. Houston, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A.

Date: 1873
Description: A hand-colored, geological map of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers’ water path from the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes. The map also shows those railroad...
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State of Wisconsin Geological Survey

Date: 1874
Description: A hand-colored, geological map of Wisconsin show the progress of the state geological survey in 1873 and 1874. Other elements displayed in the map include...
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Geological Survey Map of Southeastern Wisconsin

Date: 1917
Description: A geological survey map that shows the sedimentary and igneous deposits in southeastern Wisconsin and south central Wisconsin, as well as the limits of gla...
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Map Showing the Surficial Deposits of Southeastern Wisconsin

Date: 1917
Description: A geological survey map that map of southeastern Wisconsin shows the surface deposits east of the Wisconsin River, from the Illinois state line north to Ne...
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State of Wisconsin

Date: 1931
Description: This U.S. Geological Survey map of Wisconsin shows counties, cities and villages, lighthouses, Indian reservations, military reservations, and bird and gam...
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Kenosha Racine Milwaukee Waukesha Walworth Jefferson and Parts of Rock Dodge Washington and Ozaukee Counties

Date: 1876
Description: This color-coded map of the geology of southeastern Wisconsin shows the township grid, counties, towns, cities and villages, rivers, lakes, and railroads....
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Population Dot Maps of Southern Wisconsin

Date: 1912
Description: This map is pen, ink, and pencil on tracing paper. The map was traced from U.S. Geological Survey map of Wisconsin, compiled in 1910-1911, and printed in 1...
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Hydrographic Map of Green Lake, Wisconsin

Date: 1937
Description: A pictorial, hydrographic map shows sailing courses, historical and contemporary coastal attractions, roads, and the contour depths of Green Lake, Wisconsi...

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