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Manchester's, Inc., Libbey Glassware Window Display

Date: 12 15 1945
Description: Window display at Manchester's, Inc., featuring Libbey glassware and a Christmas wreath.

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.

Date: 09 23 1937
Description: Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company with Art-Deco storefront, located at 607 University Avenue.

Klein Dickert Warehouse

Date: 10 24 1935
Description: Klein Dickert Co. warehouse, 1130-32 Regent Street, with two workers loading glass panel onto truck.

Douglass China Shop

Date: 12 16 1929
Description: Interior of Douglass China Shop, 20 N. Carroll Street.

Conveyor Belt

Date: 05 22 1928
Description: Conveyer belt at the General Lab for Wisconsin Foundry.

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Office

Date: 03 21 1951
Description: Interior of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company office, 2422 Pennsylvania Avenue. Two men are sitting at desks.

Men with Shop Mule

Date: 1937
Description: H.H. Harrell, seated behind the wheel of an International-powered shop mule, receives instructions from the general foreman, H.J. McClusky. The text on the...

Catherine Corscot Antique Sale

Date: 08 04 1952
Description: Elevated view of a display of Red Block glass from the antique collection of the late Miss Catherine Corscot.

Old Abe Covered Glass Bowl

Description: Old Abe covered glass bowl made by the Crystal Glass Company of Bridgeport, Ohio. Exhibited at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876 where the ...

Old Abe Glass Compote

Description: Old Abe covered glass compote made by the Crystal Glass Company of Bridgeport, Ohio. Exhibited at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876 where t...

Dwelle — Kaiser Company Truck

Date: 1938
Description: Three men load a piece of sheet glass onto the back of an International D-35 truck owned by the Dwelle — Kaiser Company. Text on the truck reads: "The Dwel...

Sue Carolyn Renk

Date: 06 18 1958
Description: Sue Carolyn Renk examines a piece of crystal glassware as her mother, Mrs. Wilbur Renk looks on. She is preparing for her wedding and her graduation.

Depot and Train

Description: View across snow between two sets of railroad tracks towards the Readstown Depot on a winter's day. Two trains facing in opposite directions are on the lef...

Man and Machinery in the Powerhouse

Description: View of a man working near a large piece of belt-driven machinery inside a building. Identified as the interior of a powerhouse.

Delivery Truck for Glass Blowers

Date: 06 18 1927
Description: View from sidewalk towards a man sitting in the driver's seat of a truck with enclosed sides, and a platform on the back with a striped awning. The sign pa...

Glass Factory Workers

Description: Group of men glassblowing. The boy at right is working the mold for the glassblower.

Women Workers at Chaney Instruments

Date: 1943
Description: A woman is using a metal rod to handle glass objects on a tray. Caption reads: "Women workers at Chaney Instruments." Another woman in the background is wo...

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