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Meat Market Display

Date: 1939
Description: Woman worker wearing a butcher's apron, poses holding a ham, in a meat market with Easter ham display.

Sweet's Food Shop

Date: 08 28 1931
Description: Exterior view of Sweet's Food Shop, located at 354 West Main Street.


Date: 1912
Description: Man in car loaded with milk cans looks at man on Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Drugstore Soda Fountain

Description: There were several businesses in Greendale, including a Co-op grocery store, variety store, post office, movie theater and a doctor and dentist office. The...

Midstate Grocer's Association Dinner

Date: 04 24 1950
Description: The Midstate Grocer's Association dinner at Turner Hall. On display in the foreground are Fauerbach Beer, Nehl Soda, Blatz Beer, and Schoep's ice cream.

Wentworth Farmers' Cooperative Store

Date: 07 1947
Description: Wentworth Farmers' Cooperative Association store organized in 1919 by a group of Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish farmers.

Universal Grocery Company Storefront

Date: 10 13 1927
Description: Storefront of the Universal Grocery Company at 20 W. Mifflin Street, with window displays. On the left is a portion of The Hub, 22 W. Mifflin Street, a sto...

Eastside Storefronts

Date: 06 14 1927
Description: Storefronts of the Wisconsin School of Music, East Side Variety Store and Hess Grocery Market. Owned by the Hess family, this property was located at 154 A...

Reasons Why You Should Use Co-operative-Made Goods

Date: 1887
Description: A list of nine reasons to use co-operative-made goods, entitled "Reasons Why You Should Use Co-operative-Made Goods in Preference To All Others". This was ...

Sentry's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Department

Date: 02 14 1985
Description: A display of fruit and vegetables in the East Side Foods Sentry store.

Child in a Shopping Cart

Date: 01 27 1956
Description: Child in a shopping cart with a frozen Armour smoked ham.

Hommel's New Store

Date: 06 29 1932
Description: Hommel's Star Food Store at 606 S. Park Street, with promotional truck in front of store, and children looking on. Vehicle (Ballyhoo Truck) has a painted s...

Kroger Grocery Store

Date: 09 29 1932
Description: Kroger Complete Food Market, 3-5 North Pinckney Street, with black vitrolite front, chromium trim, and a modernistic Art Deco sign in chromium-plate letter...

Cardinal Market

Date: 12 15 1934
Description: Elevated view of automobiles parked in front of the Cardinal Market at 120 North Fairchild Street, with a sign on the storefront advertising Essers Wholesa...

Grocery Store

Description: A woman is being waited on by a man standing behind the counter of a grocery store. Canned goods are stacked on shelves along the wall behind the counter.

Civil Works Service Employee gives out a Check

Date: 02 10 1934
Description: A Civil Works Service employee with a check and equivalent in groceries.

Fred Schenk Grocery Store

Date: 1907
Description: Interior of the Fred Schenk grocery store on the corner of Atwood Avenue and Winnebago Street. Included in the photograph are Art Ramsey, Matilda Schenk, a...

Kraft Cheese Display

Date: 12 08 1933
Description: A Kraft cheese display at the Kroger Store located at 3 Pinckney Street.

International D-300 Egg Truck

Date: 1941
Description: Man driving an egg-shaped "Co-op Eggs" truck outside a Safeway grocery store. The truck is an International D-300 operated by the Washington Cooperative Eg...

International D-30 Truck Delivering Meat

Date: 1938
Description: Man unloading a side of beef from a "Maple Leaf Hams and Bacon" truck outside a butcher shop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The truck is an Intern...

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