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Wisconsin State Capitol from West Washington Avenue

Date: 1939
Description: View down sidewalk along West Washington Avenue, looking toward the Capitol. A man is crossing the street and there is a car at the corner that has the wor...

The Old Dell House #1079

Description: Stereograph of the exterior view of Old Dell House.

Wisconsin State Capitol (Second) Sketch

Date: 1851
Description: A watercolor view of Madison. Prominent on the left side of King Street is the Madison Hotel.

Wade House

Date: 1858
Description: Ambrotype of the Wade House, a carriage inn located in Greenbush, also showing a section of the original plank road in the foreground.

Fountain Spring House

Description: Exterior view of the Fountain Spring House hotel.

Wisconsin State Capitol from West Washington Avenue

Date: August 25 1933
Description: Wisconsin State Capitol from West Washington Avenue. The Loraine Hotel is on the right.

Park Hotel

Date: 1910
Description: Exterior view of the Park Hotel.

Mission Inn

Date: 1920
Description: View across lawn of the Mission Inn on Madeline Island, with a shoreline on the left.

Capitol Square

Date: 1950
Description: Aerial view of the Wisconsin State Capitol building and surrounding Madison area. Lake Monona is in the background.

La Pointe from Mission Inn

Date: 1900
Description: View of La Pointe, Madeline Island, taken from the Mission Inn.

Tonyawatha Spring Hotel

Date: 1883
Description: Tonyawatha Spring Hotel from a descriptive brochure. The hotel opened in 1879 and was destroyed by fire on July 31, 1895.

The Loraine Hotel

Description: Exterior of the Loraine Hotel.

The Sherlock Hotel

Date: 1934
Description: Exterior view of the Sherlock Hotel, 124 King Street at the corner of Doty Street. Snow is on the ground.

The Chequamegon Hotel

Description: Lithograph depicting the Chequamegon Hotel from the Ashland harbor.

La Pointe, Madeline Island

Date: 1898
Description: Old Mission Residence at La Pointe, Madeline Island.

The Imperial Hotel

Date: 1916
Description: Elevated view of the Imperial Hotel, in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Hotel Washington

Date: April 21 1935
Description: Exterior view from the street of The Hotel Washington, 636 West Washington Avenue, with two cars parked in front.

Capitol View with Hotel Loraine

Date: 1920
Description: Color illustration of a view from the Wisconsin State Capitol (which was the fourth State Capitol and the third in Madison) showing the Hotel Loraine and W...

Chequamegon Hotel

Date: 1888
Description: View of the Chequamegon Hotel, built by the Wisconsin Central railroad interests and opened in 1877. It faced the bay and had a long series of steps leadi...
Map or Atlas

Michigan Transit Corporation Resorts

Date: 1930
Description: Map of the routes of the screw passenger and freight vessels of the Michigan Transit Company. Includes a picture of the Park Place hotel in Traverse City,...

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