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Yellow Cab Transfer Company

Date: 1922
Description: Exterior view of the Yellow Cab Transfer Company located at 643 E. Wilson Street, (housed in the Denison Building) with two cabs with drivers out front.

Sinaiko Hay, Flour and Feed

Date: 07 24 1933
Description: A man in a car poses in front of A. Sinaiko Hay, Flour and Feed at 653 West Washington Avenue.

800 Block of Jenifer Street

Date: 07 27 1939
Description: 800 block of Jenifer Street taken from the middle of the road showing skid marks.

Wrecked Car

Date: 06 29 1937
Description: Three-quarter view from front left towards a wrecked Chevrolet car with Illinois license plate.

De Vaux Automobile

Date: 05 20 1931
Description: Viennese star Ilse Maraavenga standing beside De Vaux automobile in front of De Vaux dealership, 14-16 North Fairchild Street.

Wisconsin's First Coupe

Date: 1905
Description: Automobile alleged to be the first coupe built in Wisconsin. The vehicle was built by Gus Wilkie of Sheboygan from the body of a carriage and the chassis f...

Maxwell Car

Date: 1912
Description: Although this photograph is unidentified, license plate records in the Wisconsin State Archives indicate that in 1912 the car (a Maxwell) was registered by...

Detroit and Jefferson Streets

Date: 1938
Description: Several houses along the road next to a local restaurant with several signs advertising food and drink. A car is on the far left in the road.

Model T Ford

Date: 1915
Description: Otto Lindner and Edward Lindner (at the wheel) of a Model T Ford.

Model T Ford

Date: 1907
Description: Ed Lindner at the wheel of a Model T Ford.

Regent Street Businesses on 1300 Block

Date: 03 25 1949
Description: Three busineses located on the 1300 block of Regent Street. Looking south are Pharo Plumbing, 1302 Regent; Badger Bus Lines, 1313 Regent across the street ...

Young Woman Holding License Plates and a "Keep Wisconsin Clean" Sign

Date: 1958
Description: A young woman standing outdoors holds two 1959, Wisconsin license plates and a "Keep Wisconsin Clean" sign. The signs were made to promote the Governor's K...

Dixie Bottling Company Trucks

Date: 09 04 1925
Description: Two men sit in International trucks parked outside the Dixie Bottling Company building. Another man stands in the background, near the building for the bot...

Group of People in International Auto-Wagon

Date: 1915
Description: Several men and a young girl in an International Auto-Wagon on a dirt road. One or more of the men may have worked for an International dealership. The car...
Historical Object

International Harvester Light Duty Models Paint Chart

Date: 1975
Description: International Harvester light duty models (100-500) cabs and bodies color chart. Contains paint chips for the main exterior body color and matches this wit...
Historical Object

International Harvester Scout Paint Chart

Date: 1975
Description: International Harvester Scout cabs and bodies color chart. Contains paint chips for the main exterior body color and matches this with the interior color s...

Block System, Inc.; Sanitone Dry Cleaners

Date: 07 15 1953
Description: Dry cleaning business in storefront at 2017 Winnebago Street. A man stands by the open door of a Pontiac station wagon. House/storefront on the right is 20...

Photographing International Metro Mite Truck

Date: 1961
Description: Two men set up a photography shot of an International Metro Mite truck in a studio at International Harvester's Hickory Hill Farm.


Date: 1955
Description: "This is a 1950 Studebaker. Critics dubbed it a 'two row corn picker!'"

County Fair Ferris Wheel

Date: 1930
Description: The set up or take down of a Northern Wisconsin County Fair, showing men working on a Ferris wheel and large tents. There is a truck in the foreground and ...

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