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Buying Tickets at Ellis Island

Description: Immigrants buying tickets at Ellis Island.
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Bird's-Eye View of Peshtigo

Date: 09 1871
Description: Bird's-eye view of Peshtigo, before it was destroyed by fire on the night of October 8, 1871.

Bad Axe Battleground

Date: 1856
Description: This landscape painting by Samuel Marsden Brookes and Thomas H. Stevenson depicts a broad view of the confluence of Bad Axe and Mississippi Rivers; site of...
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Bird's-Eye View of Marinette

Date: 1881
Description: Bird's-eye map of Marinette, with insets.

Hull Tennis Court

Date: 1916
Description: Two women playing tennis at Coole Park Manor on Madeline Island.

Soldier's Rock

Date: 1907
Description: Woman standing on soldier's rock on Madeline Island.

Fishing Dock

Date: 1938
Description: View from water of fishing dock and structure alongside; log buildings in background on shore. Possibly on shoreline of one of the Apostle Islands or on Ch...

Detention at Ellis Island

Description: Immigrants being detained at Ellis Island. Three boys lay on the ground together.

Departing Ellis Island

Description: Elevated view from railing of immigrants boarding a ferry to depart Ellis Island.

Modern Windsled

Date: 05 1954
Description: Windsled used to transport passengers and goods between Madeline Island and Bayfield. This image was in Ross' book, "La Pointe: Village Outpost".

The Dream Sled

Date: 1955
Description: This was the first boat & sled-type wind sled built on Madeline Island. Built by Elmer Nelson for Howard Russell between 1950-1951. Had a 9-cylinder R-680-...

Lake Superior Area

Date: 1852
Description: Illustration of four Indians on Madeline Island with a canoe in the water on the shore.

Transporting Parcels on Windsled

Date: 1954
Description: Elmer Nelson sorting through boxes of goods being transported on the "Dream Sled" windsled.

The Dream Sled

Date: 1953
Description: This was the first boat & sled-type windsled built on Madeline Island. Built by Elmer Nelson for Howard Russell between 1950-1951. Had a 9-cylinder R-680-E...

"Louis Moe" Sailboat

Date: 1902
Description: Ole Christinson, Dick Hanson, Fred Hanson, and Herman Johnson, Sr., onboard sailboat "Louis Moe" along the shore of Sand Island.

Madeline Island Pleasure Boat

Description: Two men standing in wooden rowboat along shore of Madeline Island. There are sailboats in the background. Behind them is a large rock just off the shorelin...

"Plowboy" Approaching the Mission Dock

Date: 1904
Description: View from shoreline of the steamboat "Plowboy" approaching the Mission Dock at La Pointe. The Plowboy was the first steam ferry to go to Madeline Island. T...

Lizzie W. at Mission Dock

Date: 1900
Description: Sailboat Lizzie W. at the Mission Dock. Captain Daniel Russell Angus, in the white sleeves, is at the tiller. The boat was named after Elizabeth Woo...

Sailboat "Alpha"

Date: 1900
Description: Group of people on sailboat "Alpha" at dock on Madeline Island. Captain Daniel Angus is at the tiller.

Mission and Mission Dock

Date: 1920
Description: View from the water of the Mission, dock, Mission cottages, and Congregational Church on Madeline Island.

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