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Washburn and Woodman Bank

Date: 1932
Description: View from across street of the Washburn and Woodman Bank building, erected by C.C. Washburn and Cyrus Woodman. The bank was established in 1846 and operate...

State Street Winter Scene

Date: 1936
Description: Winter scene with people walking in the snow past a lamppost down State and Henry Streets, Madison, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin State Capitol is in the backgr...

Wisconsin State Capitol from West Washington Avenue

Date: 1939
Description: View down sidewalk along West Washington Avenue, looking toward the Capitol. A man is crossing the street and there is a car at the corner that has the wor...

Motorcyclist and Crowd

Description: A motorcyclist drives down the middle of the road, possibly in a race, as a crowd looks on.

Wisconsin State Capitol from West Washington Avenue

Date: 08 25 1933
Description: Wisconsin State Capitol from West Washington Avenue. The Loraine Hotel is on the right.

State Street View

Date: 1935
Description: View of the 200 and 300 blocks of State Street looking toward the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Orpheum Theatre

Date: 04 10 1927
Description: Elevated view of buildings in the 200 block of State Street, with the Orpheum Theatre as a focal point. The theatre marquee reads "New Orpheum." Next door ...

State Street toward the Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1954
Description: A view down State Street looking towards the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Camp Stella

Date: 1915
Description: House, "Camp Stella," a.k.a. "Sevona Memorial Cottage," on Sand Island. The structure was orignally built by Sam S. Fifield, ex-Lieutenant Governor of Wisc...

Homecoming Parade in Eau Claire

Date: 1918
Description: Uniformed soldiers marching in a World War I homecoming parade. Many men are carrying flags, and the street is heavily decorated with U.S. flags. The soldi...

Severson's Service Station Beer Party

Date: 06 10 1936
Description: View across street of a large group of people posing in front of Severson's Phillips 66 Service Station, 2089 Atwood Avenue, during a summer evening beer p...

The Sherlock Hotel

Date: 1934
Description: Exterior view of the Sherlock Hotel, 124 King Street at the corner of Doty Street. Snow is on the ground.

Millard's Tavern

Date: 07 29 1955
Description: Millard's Tavern, 504 East Wilson Street with Fauerbach CB beer sign and "Bobby Hodges radio & TV star, Every Friday Night." Also shows Marty's Sandwich Sh...

East Wilson Street

Date: 01 08 1946
Description: 300 block of East Wilson Street looking southwest down the center of East Wilson Street from South Hancock Street intersection, taken at site of Reynolds B...

Capitol Theatre Tower

Date: 02 05 1930
Description: View from across the street of the Capitol Theatre tower. "Love Parade" is advertised on the marquee. Three automobiles are in the street in front of Peopl...

Capitol View with Hotel Loraine

Date: 1920
Description: Color illustration of a view from the Wisconsin State Capitol (which was the fourth State Capitol and the third in Madison) showing the Hotel Loraine and W...

Calvary Lutheran Church

Date: 06 27 1935
Description: View across street towards the Calvary Lutheran University Church at 713 State Street.

Layton Art Gallery

Description: Exterior view of the Layton Art Gallery, with three people on the front steps, and a large bicycle parked nearby.

Horse-Drawn Trolley

Date: 1890
Description: Man driving a horse-drawn trolley of the Milwaukee City Railroad Company on the Greenfield Avenue & Third Street line. The corner of a building advertising...

Madison Oriental Rug Company

Date: 11 20 1927
Description: Oriental rug business owned by Solomon Gulessarian at 319 State Street. The Palace Barber Shop is next door on the right.

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