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Montgomery M. Cothren

Description: Waist-up portrait of "Cothren, Montgomery Morrison (Sept. 18, 1819-Oct. 2, 1888), lawyer, politician, judge, b. Jerusalem, N.Y. He moved with his parents t...

Orland S. Loomis

Description: Painted portrait of Orland Steen Loomis in a suit and blue necktie.

Edward Salomon

Description: Waist-up portrait of Edward Salomon.

McCarthy-Army Hearings

Date: 06 09 1954
Description: McCarthy-Army hearings. Left to right: G. David Schine, Joseph R. McCarthy, and Roy Cohn.

William F. Vilas

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of William F. Vilas posing with one hand on a law book and the other inside his long overcoat.

Law Office

Date: 1894
Description: Patent attorney Charles L. Goss (seated), with clerk Arthur Muerless in the law offices of Winkler, Flanders, Smith, Bottum, & Vilas.

Senator Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn

Date: 01 1953
Description: Joseph (Joe) McCarthy is seen here with his chief counsel, Roy Cohn, whom he hired on the advice of J. Edgar Hoover.

Herbert William Chynoweth

Description: Portrait of H.W. Chynoweth, follower of Robert M. La Follette and an attorney who served as legal counsel for the Progressive cause. As a member of the Uni...

Milwaukee District Attorney and Governor La Follette

Date: 09 26 1931
Description: Governor Robert La Follette accepting court case documents from Milwaukee County District Attorney, George A. Bowman. The documents are the transcripts fro...

Jesse Smith Trial

Date: 09 15 1931
Description: Trial of Madison Police Dept. Desk Sargent Jesse M. Smith, accused of non-payment of a $191 bill which his ex-wife incurred at the Dean clinic. This was he...

Beatrice Lampert

Date: 03 13 1931
Description: Beatrice Lampert, assistant city attorney, sitting at her desk with telephone and typewriter.

Three Woman on Main Street

Date: 1895
Description: Three women (Jennie Parsons Kelly, left, and Lena Eisenback Post, center, and an unidentified woman on the right) on Main Street in front of Yep Ah Sing's ...

La Follette Campaign Train

Date: 1900
Description: Robert M. La Follette, Sr. with a group on his special campaign train. From left to right they are Alfred T. Rogers, La Follette's law partner; Mr. and Mrs...

Robert B.L. Murphy

Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Robert B.L. Murphy. Robert Brady Lawrence Murphy was born on December 5, 1901 at 711 Langdon Street in Madison, Wisconsin. H...

Earl Rogers

Description: Portrait of Earl Rogers wearing a suit. Rogers was a criminal lawyer in California and on the West Coast.

Martin Van Buren

Date: 1840
Description: A head and shoulders portrait of Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States from 1837-1841. Born on December 5, 1782 in Columbia, New York, V...

Charles G. Rodolph

Date: 1856
Description: Quarter-length oval portrait of Charles G. Rodolph. He was born in Switzerland on November 15, 1818, and came to the Wisconsin Territory in May of 1834. He...

Garfield Street Accident Scene

Date: 02 07
Description: Accident scene between truck driven by Clyde Holmes and Donald Marking, age eight, who was struck and killed while sledding. View shows the alley between 1...

Gilbert Roe

Date: 1898
Description: Gilbert Roe, Madison attorney and partner in the firm La Follette, Harper, Roe, seated in his office in the second floor of the Fairchild Block at 29 East ...

A.G. Zimmerman and Legal Secretary Jennie Nelson

Date: 12 1898
Description: Attorney Albert G. Zimmerman in his Madison law office, dictating a letter to secretary Jennie Nelson. Until 1894 Zimmerman was the law partner of Robert M...

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