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Historical Object

Map Sampler

Date: 1809
Description: Embroidered sampler of a map of the United States.

Kids Drinking Milk in School

Date: 1921
Description: Classroom full of school children drinking milk at Washington school.
Book or Pamphlet

McCormick Line Catalog Cover

Date: 1907
Description: Illustration from an International Harvester McCormick line catalog showing the McCormick name in script superimposed over a globe of the earth.

Farmall Tractor Advertising Poster

Date: 1928
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering Farmall tractors showing a map of the United States with trains speeding in all directions from Illinois. Bears th...

World's Trade: The Lion's Share Is What McCormick Gets

Date: 1900
Description: Print advertisement for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company showing a giant Lion with its claws on a globe of the earth. The earth bears the words "Wo...

Ground Plan of Indian Effigy Mounds

Date: 07 1838
Description: A map diagram of Indian effigy mounds seven miles east of Blue Mounds in the Wisconsin Territory.

Northwest Territory Political Subdivisions

Date: 01 11 1805
Description: Four map illustrations showing the political subdivisions of the Northwest Territory from 1805 through 1834.

Map Kiosk at Copper Falls State Park

Date: 1939
Description: Man looking at a map of Copper Falls State Park, which is on display to assist visitors.
Map or Atlas

Goodrich, Graham and Morton Steamship Lines Map

Date: 1926
Description: Pages 21 and 22 from the 1926 schedule are a map showing the routes of the Goodrich Transit Company, Great Lakes Transit Company, Detroit and Cleveland Lin...

Summer Trips by Goodrich Ships

Date: 1930
Description: Page 4 from the schedule describes the trip from Chicago, Illinois, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the "Christopher Columbus" or "Theodore Roosevelt". Include...
Map or Atlas

Routes of the Goodrich Steamship Lines

Date: 1930
Description: Page 8 of the 1930 schedule is a map of the routes of the Goodrich Steamship Lines in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Plan of the Town of Clarksville

Date: 1780
Description: Hand-drawn plan for the layout of the town of Clarksville, bordering Mayfield Creek and Liberty Creek. Fort Jefferson is shown between the townsite and the...

Plan of Ohio River

Date: 1780
Description: Drawn plan of Ohio River and area to the West.

Clark's Illinois Grant

Date: 1780
Description: Plan for layout of 150,00 acres which make up Clark's Illinois Grant.

Showroom with Truck that Crossed the Sahara

Date: 02 07 1929
Description: Showroom featuring the Special Delivery truck (center) that crossed the Sahara Desert from 1927-1928. There is a framed map on an easel on the left.

Ulysses S. Grant Seated with Map

Description: An engraving from a photograph of Ulysses S. Grant wearing a military uniform. He is seated in front of a cannon with a map unfolded in his lap, and cannon...

International Harvester Office Employees

Date: 08 1909
Description: Three office workers at their desks at an International Harvester office in Canada(?). A map of Canada and a portrait of William Deering are hanging on the...

Flying Tea Party

Description: A tea party on an airplane, a publicity stunt conceived by Harry Bruno to promote his Cleveland-area airline, Aeromarine Airlines. By taking local reporter...

Police Strategy Session

Date: 11 21 1956
Description: Uniformed police officers looking over a laid out map with potential escape routes.
Historical Object

Northwest Orient Airlines Ticket

Date: 1948
Description: Passenger ticket and baggage check for Northwest Orient Airlines, illustrating their newly initiated around-the-globe routes to the Far East. This ticket w...

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