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It's Better with Butter!

Date: 1941
Description: Color poster created by the National Dairy Council, Chicago, of butter and buttered food items such as pancakes, baked potatoes, and a steak, displayed on...

"North American" Saturday Menu

Date: July 04 1931
Description: Front of dinner menu for the "North American" for the season. Gives rates for cruises on the "North American" or "South American" between Chicago, Illinois...

Cover of Songs of S.S. North American

Description: Cover from songbook used on the "S.S. North American." Back cover advertises the sailings of the "North American" and "South American." Includes pic...

Oscar Mayer "Serving America" Display

Date: April 18 1942
Description: A female model is wearing short dress and is standing and holding an Oscar Mayer meat product as part of a meat products display.

Kraft Display in Grocery Store

Date: September 06 1934
Description: Two sales clerks dressed as sailors standing beside the ship S.S. Kraft filled with Kraft and Miracle Whip salad dressing products. The display is in Frank...

ESBMA Fall Festival

Date: September 09 1930
Description: Interior view of the East Side Businessman's Association (ESBMA) Fall Festival at the Four Lakes Ordnance Building, 2810-2822 Atwood Avenue.

Chevrolet Automobile Contest

Date: August 15 1930
Description: Chevrolet automobile advertising the Chevrolet Six Economy Drivers' contest with "Test your driving skills, economy drivers' contest, $75 in cash prizes, f...

McVicar Advertisement

Date: December 17 1928
Description: McVicar Photo Service ad proclaims: "We Make Lantern Slides!" McVicar's business was located inside the University Floral Company, located at 723 Universit...
Map or Atlas

Sheboygan, Wis. Population 18000

Date: 1890
Description: Bird's-eye view of Sheboygan on an advertisement for Kempf's Magical Salve, distributed by E.J. Kempf, "Legitimate Bill Poster and Distributor."

"McCormick Day"

Date: 1900
Description: Elevated view of people, horses, and farm machines gathered on the town's main street for a "McCormick Day" celebration, with several grain binders and a b...

Smoke Your Own Fish

Date: September 02 1953
Description: 1952 Alice in Dairyland Beverly Ann Steffen and 1953 Alice in Dairyland Mary Ellen Jenks standing in front of a "Smoke Your Own Fish" stand at the 1953 Wis...

Threshing and Marketing with Wheat

Date: 1900
Description: Familes start to market with wheat from Seger Colony School.

Men Outside of American Express Company Office

Date: September 1896
Description: Four unidentified men posing standing in front of office buildings. Sign in the window of the American Express Company Office shows a horse and advertises...

State Fair Handbill

Date: 1929
Description: Printed color handbill that advertised the special events of the Wisconsin State Fair. The illustration shows a woman bearing a platter of produce.

International Cub Cadet Display Suggestions

Date: 1963
Description: Suggestions for dealers on how to display and demonstrate the International Cub Cadet at their dealerships. Includes both outside and inside display ideas....

Wisconsin Promotional Bureau Logo

Description: Cut and pasted design for Wisconsin Promotional Bureau logo.

Old Timer's Resort Brochure

Date: 1910
Description: Cover of brochure for Old Timer's Resort (formerly Burke's Resort).

Library Booth at Wisconsin State Fair

Date: 1922
Description: Booth at the Wisconsin State Fair promoting the Wisconsin Free Library Commission.

Gene McCarthy Bumper Sticker

Date: 1968
Description: Flower-shaped bumper sticker from Eugene McCarthy's 1968 Presidential campaign.

Gene McCarthy Sticker

Date: 1968
Description: Large round sticker from Eugene McCarthy's 1968 Presidential campaign. Above McCarthy's name is a dove with a branch in its beak.

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