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Harriet Douglas Whetten

Date: 1860
Description: Harriet Douglas Whetten (b.1822). Whetten was a volunteer nurse during the Civil War. She served on hospital ships out of New York and Philadelphia from 18...

Medicine Wagon Driving through Town

Description: Dr. Eugene Krohn driving his medicine wagon. The man behind the wagon is either Rufus Jones or Warren C. Jones.

Entering the Uranium Tunnel

Date: 1954
Description: Woman on crutches entering the front office of the uranium tunnel to receive a uranium treatment. Several men sitting in front of the storefront on benches...

Making Dr. Brown's Cough Balsam

Date: 1896
Description: Workers posing in front of pharmaceutical equipment to demonstrate the making of Dr. Brown's Cough Balsam at Kienth Drugs and Medicines, 608 Mitchell Stree...

Traveling Medicine Wagon

Date: 1902
Description: A traveling medicine wagon with saleswomen and vendor selling Westmore's Hair Tonic.

Fire Fighters Rescuing Victims

Date: 1910
Description: Slightly elevated view of fire fighters on the side of a building and standing on the ground lifting people out of a building.

Children at the State School for the Blind

Date: 1893
Description: Students and adults of the State School for the Blind pose for a group portrait in front of the building.

Medicine Man Jes´ akkid´

Date: 1885
Description: Illustration of medicine man Jes´ akkid´ bending over an ill person, removing disease from his/her body.

Fort Howard dans La Grand Baie Verte (Ouisconsin)

Date: 1842
Description: This hand-colored lithograph of the second Fort Howard, with Indians canoeing on the Fox River, shows the hospital built 1834-1835 outside the stockade on ...

Mendota Beach School

Date: 1922
Description: View from front of classroom of children sitting in desks at the elementary school health program, blowing their noses.

Child Welfare Special Vehicle

Date: 1937
Description: Wisconsin State Board of Health's vehicle the "Child Welfare Special".

Bathing Baby in Tub

Date: 1937
Description: Dr. Hunter of the Wisconsin Board of Health bathes a baby in a tub of water.

Jane Theresa Taylor in Bajiou, Philippines

Date: 1913
Description: Trading market; Bajiou, Philippines. Image of boy with notation: "Native Bajiou (P.I.) giving Jane his hat." Second of a sequence of three images.

Doctor James T. Reeve

Description: Sixth plate ferrotype/tintype oval-framed portrait of Doctor James T. Reeve, assistant surgeon, 10th Wisconsin, Surgeon of the 21st Wisconsin. Quarter-leng...

Rat Poison Distribution by Boy Scouts

Description: A man distributes rat poison, which was invented by Dr. Link, to a Boy Scout to place in rat-infested areas. They are standing in front of the Village Hall...

27 Marshall Court

Date: 1958
Description: Exterior of 27 Marshall Court, Doctors Park in Shorewood Hills.

J.S. Timlin Lumber Company

Date: 1958
Description: Aerial photograph showing the J.S. Timlin Lumber Company, 2702 University Avenue, as well as Doctors Park, the Veterans Hospital, and the First Unitarian S...

Marshall Court, Doctors Park and Shorewood Hills

Date: 1958
Description: Marshall Court, Doctors Park and Shorewood Hills.

Madison Hospital

Date: 1890
Description: Advertisement for Madison Hospital, 413-415 South Baldwin Street. Also known as the Gill & Boyd Hospital, opened in 1889 and existed for just a few years.

Rhudra Gets Surgery

Date: 12 13 1985
Description: Overhead view of Rhudra, an Indian rhinoceros, receiving surgery for a non-healing wound on the sole of his right, rear foot at the Milwaukee County Zoo. T...

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