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Little Rascals with International Harvester Cream Separator

Date: 1930
Description: Cast members from the early 20th century film series "Little Rascals" pose in and around an International Harvester cream separator with their dog.

Farmall Cub Pulling Movie Advertisement

Date: 1947
Description: Two people driving a Farmall Cub through an urban area. They are towing a wagon with movie advertisement, announcing "The Farmer's Daughter," starring Lore...

Scene Still from The Jazz Singer

Date: 1927
Description: A still from the film The Jazz Singer showing Eugenie Besserer, Al Jolson, and Warner Oland (Warner 1927).

State Street from 200 Block

Date: 1929
Description: State Street view looking toward the University of Wisconsin, with the 200 block in the foreground. The marquee for the Capitol Theatre reads "'Jealousy,' ...

Orpheum Theatre Projection Booth

Date: 04 21 1927
Description: The projection room in the Orpheum Theatre, with projectors and other equipment ready for movie viewing.

Vietnamesiche Filmtage

Description: Color poster promoting Vietnamesische Filmtage.

Opening of Eastwood Theatre

Date: 12 27 1929
Description: A crowd lined up on opening night at the Eastwood Theatre at 2090 Atwood Avenue. This view of the facade shows an unfinished dome on top of the building.

World's Largest Tire

Date: 11 02 1930
Description: Group of people, including dwarfs and midgets, posing with "the worlds largest tire" in front of the RKO Orpheum Theatre as part of a promotion for Goodyea...

Free The Hollywood Ten

Date: 10 28 1947
Description: Several members of the screenwriters and directors known as the "Hollywood Ten," together with members of their families at a demonstration before their im...

"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"

Date: 1950
Description: Scene still from "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye."

Jack Carson

Date: 1920
Description: Jack Carson at the age of ten posing on front steps wearing a hat and leaning on a walking cane.

Capitol Theatre Tower

Date: 02 05 1930
Description: View from across the street of the Capitol Theatre tower. "Love Parade" is advertised on the marquee. Three automobiles are in the street in front of Peopl...

Advertising Poster for International Harvester Films

Date: 1926
Description: Advertising poster for motion pictures [movies] shown "free to farmers and their families." Bears the text: "A Visit to a Modern Tractor Plant; The Making ...

International Harvester Movie Poster

Date: 1919
Description: Advertising poster for a film produced by the International Harvester Company about "how the American farmer throws off the shackles of Old Man Work by put...

International Harvester Movie Poster

Date: 1919
Description: Advertising poster for a film produced by International Harvester in which "the tractor's constructive influence is symbolized in typical scenes - plowing,...

International Harvester Movie Poster

Date: 1919
Description: Advertising poster for a film produced by International Harvester "showing in motion the dramatic events in the present-day Harvest Field." Includes the ti...

MGM Traveling Theatre

Date: 08 17 1933
Description: Crowd assembled outside the RKO Orpheum Theatre to watch "Tugboat Annie" on MGM's traveling theatre. Speths Clothing and other businesses in the 200 block ...

Production still of Buddy Ebsen

Date: 1937
Description: Buddy Ebsen, dressed in a suit and hat, sits on an upended case on the set of "Broadway Melody of 1937."

Orpheum Theatre at Night

Date: 01 24 1936
Description: The Orpheum Theatre canopy and sign at night on the 200 block of State Street. The Orpheum Theatre marquee notes: "Shep Fields" on stage, and "Kind Lady" o...

Orpheum Theatre Marquee

Date: 09 09 1936
Description: Orpheum Theatre marquee, 216 State Street, featuring William Powell, Myrna Loy and Luise Rainer in "The Great Ziegfeld." View also includes Weber's Restaur...

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