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Last Elm Tree on State Street

Date: 1974
Description: Last elm tree on State Street being cut down. The Wisconsin Historical Society and the Memorial Union are in the background.

Milo Milton Quaife

Date: 1953
Description: Portrait of Milo Milton Quaife (1880-1959), serving as director and editor from 1914 to 1920.

Madeline Island Historical Museum Under Construction

Date: 1956
Description: Constructing the Madeline Island Historical Museum in La Pointe which consists of four separate buildings. L-to-r: jail; American Fur Trade storage buildin...

Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall

Date: 05 25 1962
Description: A general view of the "War museum," originally in the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), Civil War Memorial hall, on the top floor of the Wisconsin State...

Layton Art Gallery

Description: Exterior view of the Layton Art Gallery, with three people on the front steps, and a large bicycle parked nearby.

Pioneer Drugstore Exhibit

Date: 10 1946
Description: Interior view of the Wisconsin Historical Society Pioneer Drugstore Exhibit. Pictured are several decorative showglobes, a leech jar, and shelves of variou...

Early Apothecary Shop Exhibit

Description: Early Apothecary Shop exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Early Chicago Drugstore

Description: Museum exhibit for the Chicago Historical Society depicting what a typical early Chicago drugstore looked like.

Juliusspital Apotheke

Description: The palace-like Juliusspital was founded in 1576 by Prince Bishop Julius Echter as a refuge for the sick and the poor. The Rococo apothecary (reproduction ...

Employees at Pioneer Drugstore Exhibit

Date: 08 25 1936
Description: Elevated view of Wisconsin Historical Society employees Dawn Young and Ray Lamb who are staffing the museum's historical drugstore exhibit.

International Harvester Company Parade Float for "A Century of Progress"

Date: 1934
Description: International Harvester Company parade float for the "A Century of Progress" Worlds Fair. The two-section float is parked in front of the Field Museum and ...

Lanterns in Exhibition

Date: 05 15 1943
Description: Wisconsin Historical Society museum display of railroad lanterns in the "Building Wisconsin Railroads" exhibit.

Milwaukee Public Museum

Description: View of natural history objects at Milwaukee Public Museum, including skeletons, stuffed birds and fish. There are two cuspidors on the floor in front of e...

Public Museum Natural History Exhibit

Description: Interior view of Public Museum. Focuses on display area in center of room that contains skeletal remains and tortoise shells.

Smithsonian Apothecary Shop

Date: 07 22 1946
Description: Members of the American Pharmaceutical Association Council visit the old Apothecary Shop exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Museum Patrons View the Gaugin Exhibit

Date: 03 17 1959
Description: Spectators view paintings by Paul Gaugin at the opening of an art exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Wright Flyer in England

Date: 1938
Description: After his "mistaken" trans-Atlantic flight to Great Britain, Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan visited the original 1903 Wright Flyer then on display at the Sci...

Gemini 7

Date: 11 08 1968
Description: The Gemini 7 space capsule in which astronaut James Lovell flew in 1965, seen here on display at the Wisconsin Regional Space Center. Although born in Mass...

Woman's Building

Description: The Woman's Building is situated in the northwest part of the park that faces the great Lagoon, with the Wooded Island in the distance. Designed by Miss So...

Carvers at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Date: 1899
Description: Three stone cutters (probably Italian) working on decorative details over the east entrance of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Histori...

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