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Street Signs

Date: 09 1967
Description: Street signs with bar in background.

Grocery Convention Display

Date: 1933
Description: The Fauerbach Beer display at the Grocery Convention. The display consists of many bottles of beer, beer cases, die cut cardboard displays, cloth bunting a...

Dykman's Restaurant

Date: 10 12
Description: Exterior night view from street of Dykman's restaurant, located at 107 West Main Street. The door is open and stools are along a counter.

State Street Neon Signs at Night

Date: 12 05 1930
Description: Night view looking down State Street from the intersection at North Carroll Street. Lighting up the scene are the blurred lights of automobiles moving alon...

Nancee Hat Shop

Date: 09 07 1935
Description: Exterior night view of the Nancee Hat Shop at 7 South Pinckney Street featuring hats, purses and an Art Deco entrance.

Commercial National Bank

Date: 03 10 1932
Description: The Commercial National Bank building, on the corner of State and Carroll Streets, housed the bank as well as Mrs. Brown's Beauty Shoppe and Wegener and Ro...

Orpheum Theatre at Night

Date: 01 24 1936
Description: The Orpheum Theatre canopy and sign at night on the 200 block of State Street. The Orpheum Theatre marquee notes: "Shep Fields" on stage, and "Kind Lady" o...

Sibyl Hats

Date: 03 14 1956
Description: Night view of the "Mifflin Arcade" with terra cotta facade. Businesses include Silver Dollar Tavern at 117 West Mifflin Street, Sibyl Hats at 119 West Miff...


Date: 11 03 1962
Description: Majorettes dancing in a parade. They were members of the Milwaukee Continentals marching band.

Mobil Service Station

Date: 06 15 1955
Description: Night view of Robert Blossom's Mobil Gas Station, 3702 East Washington Avenue and Highway 51.

Picketing Gimbel's

Date: 03 15 1955
Description: Women from Pittsburgh AFL Retail Clerks' Union Local 1365 picket at the Milwaukee store.

Capitol Theatre at Night

Date: 04 17 1928
Description: Elevated view of the Capitol Theatre at night with sign and marquee, located at 209-211 State Street. On the left is the Fred W. Kruse Co., and on the righ...

Capitol Theatre Marquee

Date: 1928
Description: Slightly elevated view from street towards ushers posing in front of the Capitol Theatre. The marquee reads: "Maurice Chevalier in 'The Love Parade.'"

Snowy Street Under International Harvester Truck Sign

Date: 03 01 1929
Description: Cars and houses along a snowy street as seen from under a neon "International Harvester Trucks" sign.

Carroll and Main Streets in the Rain

Date: 1954
Description: A rainy, nighttime view of the corner of Main and Carroll streets on the Capitol Square. The neon signs of the Prescription Pharmacy and the Park Hotel lig...

Winter Night Street Scene

Date: 12 01 1955
Description: Neon lights up Wisconsin Avenue on a winter night in Milwaukee.

Belmont Spa Tavern

Date: 06 11 1945
Description: Richard and Ione Edwards behind the bar at the Belmont Spa, in the Belmont Hotel, 31 North Pinckney Street, with a clock advertising Calvert liquor.

Calvert Liquor Sign in Badger Sporting Goods Window

Date: 11 22 1944
Description: Calvert liquor sign and sporting goods displayed in the window of Badger Sporting Goods store, 418 State Street.

Calvert Window, Madison Liquor and Cigar Store

Date: 11 22 1944
Description: Window display with neon sign at Madison Liquor and Cigar Store, 109 Monona Avenue, featuring Calvert liquor.

Club Royal

Date: 10 06 1944
Description: Club Royal Tavern, 122 East Washington Avenue, exterior view showing Schlitz Beer sign.

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