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Harriet Douglas Whetten

Date: 1860
Description: Harriet Douglas Whetten (b.1822). Whetten was a volunteer nurse during the Civil War. She served on hospital ships out of New York and Philadelphia from 18...

Jane Theresa Taylor in Bajiou, Philippines

Date: 1913
Description: Trading market; Bajiou, Philippines. Image of boy with notation: "Native Bajiou (P.I.) giving Jane his hat." Second of a sequence of three images.

Sterile Solution

Date: 1948
Description: A nurse mixes sterile solution in the pharmacy of St. Joseph's Hospital.

St. Joseph Hospital Pharmacy

Date: 1948
Description: View of a nurse or pharmacist taking notes in the front end of the prescription department at the St. Joseph Hospital Pharmacy.

Nurse at Desk in McCormick Works

Date: 11 22 1916
Description: Nurse writing at a desk inside an office at McCormick Works. The McCormick Works was built by Cyrus McCormick in 1873 and became part of International Harv...


Date: 1900
Description: Eight nurses in uniform posing in front of a building (probably their workplace). Some of the women are holding a bedframe, pail, and a broom, and other it...

First Aid at Osborne Works Twine Mill

Date: 1910
Description: A nurse treating the hand of a female worker in what appears to be a doctor's office or nurse's station at International Harvester's Osborne Twine Mill. Th...

Hospital Care

Date: 1950
Description: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students care for a patient at the Fort Atkinson Hospital.

Rocking Newborns

Date: 1950
Description: Women feed and rock newborn babies in a neonatal hospital unit.

Television for Patients

Date: 1950
Description: Hospital or nursing home patients are able to view television in their rooms.

Nurse with Child Patient

Date: 1950
Description: Nurse with a young girl patient and a container of blood.

Polio Shot Time

Date: 11 15 1955
Description: All seven siblings in the Marnell family lining up for their polio inoculations.

Big Baby

Date: 10 04 1958
Description: A new mother is looking on as her 13-pound newborn infant is weighed by the nurse.

Workers in McCormick Works Doctors' Office

Date: 1930
Description: Workers receiving treatment from of two doctors and a nurse in a medical office or hospital room at International Harvester's McCormick Works. The McCormic...

Factory Infirmary

Date: 03 03 1920
Description: Nurse wrapping the injured arm of a worker in the doctor's office of an International Harvester factory, most likely Osborne Works.

Nurse Bandaging Worker's Arm

Date: 10 12 1914
Description: View of a nurse applying a bandage to the arm of a worker at an International Harvester factory (possibly Osborne Works in Auburn, NY).

Flight Nurse and Wounded

Date: 03 1945
Description: At Iwo Jima Airfield #1 Gwen Jensen, a flight nurse, talks with wounded Marines who are about to be evacuated by airplane. Mount Surabachi, from which the ...

Medical Office at Auburn Works

Date: 1912
Description: Factory worker having his chest examined by a doctor inside a medical office at International Harvester's Auburn Works (formerly known as "Osborne Works")....

Manchester's, Inc., Baby Development Clinic Window Display

Date: 1944
Description: Manchester's, Inc., Baby Development Clinic window display, featuring nurse mannequin bathing a baby mannequin, surrounded by baby products.

Red Cross First Aid Training

Date: 02 11 1942
Description: Two women applying bandages to a female patient with a nurse looking on. They are Wisconsin State Capitol employees learning first aid from the Red Cross.

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