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John J. Esch

Date: 1915
Description: U.S. Congressman of Wisconsin John J. Esch seated at his desk.

Ediphones on Display

Date: 1936
Description: Office supply show sponsored by Bill Goff, Inc., featuring Ediphones produced by Thomas A. Edison, Inc.

Farmer and Computer

Date: 01 27 1960
Description: A farmer observes the processed results of the workings of an early computer or data machine. The machine was used to process and to organize data on a her...

Airline Computer Network

Date: 09 26 1984
Description: A woman uses an early commercial computer network that allows travel agents to book their own flights without the use of a telephone.

Counting Pennies at the Bank

Date: 11 09 1955
Description: A banker pours 12,320 pennies into a change maker. The man had saved the coins for over four years.

Switchboard Operator

Date: 01 23 1958
Description: Female telephone switchboard operator at work.

Crunching Numbers

Date: 11 10 1963
Description: Male students run data cards through a computer to match couples for a school dance.

Office Work

Date: 1950
Description: Women office workers file and take phone calls in a busy shared work space.

Office Supplies Store

Date: 06 22 1927
Description: The interior of the first floor of Blied Office Supplies Store. Three men and a women are behind counters and a desk.

Parts Technician on Telephone at Office Desk

Date: 10 26 1937
Description: Parts technician on the telephone at his desk in the International Harvester dealership of H. Metz. The portrait was taken as part of store modernization p...

Equipment at Trout Lake Station

Date: 1929
Description: Dr. E.A. Birge's equipment at his Trout Lake Station laboratory.

IH Teletype Room

Date: 1937
Description: Female employees inside the teletype room at International Harvester's general office.

Reynolds Pen Display

Date: 12 12 1945
Description: Window display of Reynolds "miracle" ballpoint pen being sold for $12.50 at W.T. Grant Co., 19-21 South Pinckney Street. Milton Reynolds became the first A...

Rennebohm Drug Store

Date: 05 23 1945
Description: Display window at Rennebohm Drugstore (site unknown) featuring a 14 karat gold Eversharp pen and pencil set "it's the answer to the $64 question."

Duplex Rectigraph Machine

Date: 05 24 1944
Description: Two women operating a Duplex Rectigraph machine at the Dane County Court House, located at 207 Main Street.

Dane County Court House Office

Date: 05 24 1944
Description: Dane County Court House office, 207 West Main Street, showing two women working at a Duplex Rectigraph machine.

Madison News Agency

Date: 11 10 1943
Description: Madison News Agency, 446 West Gilman Street, office interior with room on left showing a man at a desk, and the room on the right showing two women at a de...

Microfilm Laboratory, State Office Building

Date: 02 11 1942
Description: Three men are making microfilm copies of birth records in the microfilm department at the Wisconsin State Office Building (Capitol Annex), 1 West Wilson St...

King Street Arcade Office

Date: 07 29 1941
Description: Office interior on the second floor of the Capital City Bank Building, 111 King Street, also known as the King Street Arcade, with two female office worker...

Auto License Bureau

Date: 05 17 1939
Description: Wisconsin Auto License Bureau Card Typing Department, located at 16-20 East Doty Street. Women government employees are sitting at desks, while a male supe...

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