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Yerkes Observatory

Date: 1935
Description: Elevated exterior view of Yerkes Observatory. Geneva Lake is in the background, left. Roads and sidewalks cross the sweeping, well tended lawns. The design...

Telescope at Washburn Observatory

Date: 1930
Description: Telescope at Washburn Observatory with man at controls.

Women Astronomers

Date: 1880
Description: Maria Mitchell, first woman astronomer in the United States at Vassar College.

Shooting for the Moon

Date: 05 14 1963
Description: Lunar trajectory paths and computations on a blackboard are discussed by employees of Milwaukee's Astronautics, Inc.

Skilled Hands at Work

Date: 01 27 1968
Description: Woman working on a wire harness for the lunar module section of an Apollo spacecraft at the AC Electronics division of General Motors Corp. plant.

Saturn SA-5 Rocket

Description: Workmen making adjustments for launch are dwarfed by the Saturn SA-5 booster rocket, a preliminary stage in the development of the Saturn V. Eventually, Sa...

Saturn C-1

Date: 1961
Description: A Saturn C-1 booster rocket (later renamed Saturn 1) during a static firing at the Marshall Space Flight Center. This test was an early stage in the develo...

Gemini 7

Date: 12 15 1965
Description: The Gemini 7 spacecraft as photographed by the Gemini 6 crew, 160 miles above the earth. The two-man crew of Gemini 7 included Frank Borman and James A. Lo...

Alan Shepard

Date: 1966
Description: Astronaut Alan Shepard (second from the left), then the head of NASA's astronaut office, talks with the press at Cape Canaveral before the Gemini 8. On Apr...

Gemini 8 Astronauts

Date: 03 1966
Description: Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong (right) and David R. Scott, the two-man crew scheduled to fly Gemini 8, visiting the Lockheed plant where the Agena target veh...

Gemini Interview

Date: 08 17 1965
Description: NBC News broadcaster Merrill Mueller interviewing Lockheed engineer Bud Zeller about the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle. The interview was part of a public re...

Apollo 16 Before Launch

Date: 04 16 1972
Description: The Apollo 16 flight crew and backup crew at the breakfast served four hours before launch. With them, seated on the right side of the table and pointing, ...

Apollo 16 on the Moon

Description: Astronaut Charles M Duke, Jr., collecting lunar samples using a rake and tongs. This photograph was taken on the moon by John W. Young, the crew commander....
Historical Object

Apollo 13 Patch

Date: 1972
Description: Mission patch design for Apollo 13. This patch was worn by Commander James A. Lovell, Jr., formerly of Milwaukee; John L. Swigert, Jr.; and Fred W Haise, J...

Apollo 17 Lunar Rover

Date: 09 1972
Description: Astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt practice operating the lunar roving vehicle (LRV) in preparation for the Apollo 17 mission to the moon. They ...

Astronaut Deke Slayton

Description: Astronaut Donald K. Slayton of Sparta, Wisconsin. Slayton enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1942 at age 18 and flew 56 combat missions in B-25s during Worl...

Astronaut Exhibit at Austin Straubel Airport

Date: 1965
Description: A traveling display about the NASA manned space program on exhibit at Austin Straubel Airport. Included in the exhibit is a model of a space capsule and a ...

NASA Parasev

Description: Astronaut Neil Armstrong (right), the first man to walk on the surface of the Moon, with Tom Poberezny, the son of EAA founder Paul Poberezny and the presi...

Telescope at Washburn Observatory

Date: 11 08 1926
Description: Small telescope at University of Wisconsin-Madison Washburn Observatory.
Book or Pamphlet

Northern and Southern Celestial Hemispheres

Date: 1856
Description: Illustration of northern and southern celestial hemispheres as seen in Black's General Atlas of the World.

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