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Logging Scene

Description: A two-man team of sawers work on a massive tree with a crosscut saw (right) while a man with an an axe waits to trim branches. The trunks are then cut down...

Big Falls Logging Crew

Date: 1900
Description: Four men from a logging crew posing standing in the snow with teams of horses and oxen.

Chattanooga Plow Advertising Poster

Date: 1929
Description: South American advertising poster for Chattanooga brand plows distributed by the International Harvester Export Company. Shows a color illustration of a C...
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McCormick Catalog Cover

Date: 1884
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company showing a "reaper used by ancient Gauls, First Century." The "reaper" is frame...

Ox Carts with Furs

Description: A view showing a line of ox carts loaded with furs leaving the Hudson Bay Company's Post to make the 16 mile trip to avoid the rapids on Slave River. Housi...

Oxen Pulling Logs

Date: 1890
Description: Men posed with a team of four oxen harnessed to pull a loaded logging sled.

Hauling Logs With Oxen

Date: 1880
Description: Lumberjacks hauling logs with several teams of oxen.

International Harvester Postcard — Mexico

Date: 1910
Description: Postcard of farmers operating grain binders in Mexico. Includes a color illustration of two grain binders pulled by oxen or cattle. Original caption reads:...

Lumberjacks Moving Logs with Ox Cart

Description: Lumberjacks standing next to an ox cart loaded with logs for use in sawmills associated with International Harvester.

International Harvester Postcard — Romania

Date: 1910
Description: Postcard featuring a color illustration of men in suits and farm laborers in a field next to a grain binder drawn by four oxen. Original caption reads: "Ro...

Logging Crew

Date: 1895
Description: A Knapp, Stout & Company crew with J. Bracklin (in fur coat), logging superintendent.

African American Farmer Hauling Corn to Market

Description: Farmer hauling corn to market with an ox-driven wagon. Original caption notes that oxen were used considerably in the south for motive power.

Prison Convict Hauls Wood with Ox-Driven Wagon

Date: March 08 1915
Description: View of a prisoner, who has a wooden leg, hauling "lighter" wood from the pine woods and Turpentine Orchard to camp with an ox-drawn wagon. Original captio...

Women and Children in Field with Walking Plow

Date: February 22 1915
Description: Two women and two young girls in a field with an ox-driven walking plow. Original caption reads: "This picture was not taken in Egypt nor India nor Africa...

Railroad Construction

Date: 1890
Description: Men building a culvert on the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Westerm railway. In the background both horses and oxen teams are being used.

Pine River & Stevens Point RR Locomotive

Date: March 1876
Description: Side view of the locomotive purchased by the Pine River and Stevens Point Railroad, being hauled over land from Lone Rock to Richland Center. In the backgr...

Farm Family and Farm

Date: 1889
Description: A farm family posing in front of farm buildings and farmhouse. The young daughters are wearing matching dresses. Men in the background are standing with a...

Farmer Skidding Logs with Oxen

Description: Farmer skidding logs with a team of oxen.
Book or Pamphlet

Case Centennial Plow Brochure

Date: 1937
Description: Front cover of a brochure advertising the Case Centennial Plow. The brochure is titled "Plows on Parade" and tells the history of the steel plow business t...

McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Advertising Card

Date: 1886
Description: Front of a card advertising the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. Illustrations show "primitive" harvesting methods alongside a McCormick binder and a...

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