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Ku Klux Klan Parade

Date: 12 05 1924
Description: Ku Klux Klan (KKK) wearing iconic masks and white robes parading down King Street to Schroeder Funeral Home for the funeral of Police officer Herbert Drege...

Father James Groppi at NAACP March

Date: 1968
Description: Father James Groppi (1931-) and social activists at NAACP March, marching east up Wisconsin Avenue.

Street Parade Rig

Date: 1870
Description: Street parade rig, apparently to agitate against delays in construction of a railroad to connect Manitowoc to the west. In the background is a store owned ...

Armistice Day in Milwaukee

Date: 11 11 1957
Description: Uptown Post #400 Drill Team in formation firing a salute on Armistice Day while passers-by pause to pay their respects.

July 4th Parade

Date: 07 04 1944
Description: People riding decorated bicycles in a 4th of July parade.

Costume Parade

Date: 1907
Description: Elevated view of a costume parade on State Street, at the corner of State Street and Gilman Street. On both sides of the street are drugstores. The one on ...

Allis Chalmers Strike Parade

Date: 12 07 1946
Description: Striking Allis Chalmbers workers and CIO supporters on parade in 1946. In later years it was common suggested that the Communist-dominated Milwaukee CIO ha...

Circus Parade Passing Confectionary

Date: 1909
Description: Circus parade passing Frederick and Mary Mark's confectionary. This view is north-northeast beyond the intersection of Williamson and Dickenson Streets.

Parade on the Capitol Square

Date: 1910
Description: A parade turning the corner from Wisconsin Avenue on to the Capitol Square. A horse-drawn wagon in the foreground carries a May Pole and dancers from the K...

Milwaukee Labor Day Parade on Wisconsin Avenue

Date: 09 03 1945
Description: Workers and soldiers marched together in Milwaukee's first Labor Day parade in many years, sponsored by the CIO, to demonstrate the common interest of all ...

Children and Adults Participating in Milwaukee Labor Day Parade

Date: 09 03 1945
Description: The 6th Ward Contingent represented a community on the march. Black men, women and children from the CIO and AF of L, from small business, brought a messag...

Homecoming Parade in Eau Claire

Date: 1918
Description: Uniformed soldiers marching in a World War I homecoming parade. Many men are carrying flags, and the street is heavily decorated with U.S. flags. The soldi...

Armed Forces Day

Date: 1950
Description: Color guards marching past the Wisconsin State Capitol carrying flags as a crowd looks on.

Suffrage March

Date: 03 03 1913
Description: Elevated view of a suffrage parade, with a large crowd looking on. The sign on the horse-drawn wagon reads: "We Demand an Amendment to the Constitution of ...

Girl in Halloween Costume

Date: 10 29 1932
Description: Esther Johnson wearing a Halloween costume and big-nosed mask, and holding the Jack-o-Lantern that for the Capital Times "Schnozzle" parade in honor...

Votes for Women

Date: 07 04 1912
Description: Members of the Oshkosh Equal Suffrage League in their 4th of July float made up with a sail boat. Banners read "Votes for Women" and "We are Rudderless, We...

Parade Troopers

Date: 08 1958
Description: A group of people watching a parade along a sidewalk in the rain.

Labor Day Float

Description: A float in the last Madison Federation of Labor sponsored Labor Day parade. The float, which was one of the winners, was sponsored by Machinist Lodge 1406 ...

Farmall Tractors in Texas Centennial Parade

Date: 06 06 1936
Description: Farmall F-12 tractors pulling parade floats at the Texas Centennial.

Parade of International "Jungle Yachts" on Times Square

Date: 1938
Description: Parade of two International "Jungle Yachts" on Times Square, with newsreel cameramen on top of cars in front of the procession. The "Jungle Yachts" were sp...

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