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Eilert Parts Department

Date: 1938
Description: The parts department of Eilert's Farm Equipment, showing bins and racks. Eilert's was an International Harvester dealership.

Capitol Theatre Construction

Date: May 02 1927
Description: View of Madison businesses on Henry Street, with steel frame construction of the Capitol Theatre in the background.

Advertising Poster for Deering Parts

Date: 1930
Description: Uruguayan advertising poster for Deering brand farm implements and tractors urging customers to use genuine Deering parts for their implements and tractors...

Chattanooga Plow Advertising Poster

Date: 1925
Description: Advertising poster urging the use of genuine repairs [replacement parts] for Chattanooga plows. Includes illustrations of parts and the text: "Don't Buy Im...

10-20 and 15-30 Kerosene Tractors Advertising Poster

Date: 1924
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering 10-20 and 15-30 kerosene tractors. Includes a color illustration of man on a tractor at bottom left, and illustrat...

International Parts and Service Advertising Poster

Date: 1955
Description: Advertising poster for International Harvester parts and service featuring a large paint brush coated with red paint. The brush has tools protruding from t...

Nash Motors Assembly Line

Date: 1935
Description: A nearly-completed automobile on the assembly line at Nash Motors in Kenosha.

Low Spread Manure Spreader Advertising Poster

Date: 1914
Description: Advertising poster for the International Harvester Low Spread manure spreader, "A Low Down, Reverse Apron Manure Spreader." Features color and black and wh...

Worker Hauling Metal Bars at McCormick Works

Date: February 17 1916
Description: Man standing holding up the front of a wooden cart loaded with metal parts outside International Harvester's McCormick Works. The McCormick Works was built...

McCormick Works Employee Posing with Mower Drivetrains

Date: September 1908
Description: McCormick Works employee Peter Butzen with paint can and brush, applying pin-stripes to binder parts. He is posing with mower drivetrains hanging from hook...

International Harvester Dealership Parts Room

Date: February 04 1929
Description: Parts room at an International Harvester dealership in Bates(?) City, Missouri. There is a telephone on a table in the right foreground.

Factory Worker Standing at Pile of Scrap Parts

Date: March 18 1920
Description: Older factory worker standing in front of a pile of scrap parts in a factory yard, most likely at International Harvester's Osborne Works.

Production Line Worker

Date: 1935
Description: A woman factory worker sorting parts at Globe Union Manufacturing Company, maker of batteries, radio apparatus, and spark plugs.

Customer at International Harvester Parts Counter

Date: January 14 1929
Description: Customer picking up a gear from a parts counter at an International Harvester dealership.

Winnebago Auto Replacement Co. Parts Department Counter

Date: April 04 1946
Description: The parts department counter at Winnebago Auto Replacement Co., 103 North Park Street, which boasted it was the "Largest Automotive Parts and Equipment Hou...

Nagle-Hart Co. Parts Department

Date: January 30 1943
Description: Parts department at Nagle-Hart Tractor & Equipment Company, 754 East Washington Avenue.

Sales Demonstration at Schultz Tire and Battery Shop

Date: December 27 1940
Description: Mechanic demonstrating products to a group of mechanics in the work shop, Schultz Tire and Battery Service, 1336 Regent Street.

Metal Replacement Parts

Date: November 18 1937
Description: Display of metal replacement parts for farm light plants, taken for M.J. Fitzgerald Co. 2034 Jenifer Street. Photograph to be used in a catalog.

Polishing Milking Machine Parts

Date: November 10 1937
Description: Three workers polishing milking machine parts at the Ben. H. Anderson Mfg. Co., 3220 Atwood Avenue.

Man Demonstrating Auto Heater

Date: October 20 1937
Description: Man demonstrating automobile heater to a customer at Halperin Auto Parts, 209 South Park Street.

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