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Sinclair Service Station

Date: 1938
Description: Three uniformed employees of the Sinclair Oil Company Service Station, located at 501 East Broadway, standing in front of the station's gas pumps. Two life...

Pennsylvania Oil Company Service Station

Date: 01 17 1927
Description: Elevated view of cars lining up at Pennco filling (gas) station at the corner of State and Gorham Streets to get free crankcase draining and "Oak" Motor Oi...

Mitchell's Greasing Palace

Date: 08 07 1928
Description: Robert Mitchell's Madison service station, 529 University Avenue. During the 1920s service stations evolved from curb-side shacks to more attractive buildi...

International Oil Truck

Date: 08 09 1929
Description: Two men filling oil canisters from the rear of an International Mobiloil truck.

Decorated International Heavy-Duty Coal Truck

Date: 1929
Description: International heavy-duty coal truck owned by Pocahontas Coal Company decorated. Placard on truck reads: "International motor truck. All steel shapes, plate...

John D. Rockefeller

Description: Head and shoulders profile portrait of a young John D. Rockefeller, taken around the time he began to make his mark as an oil baron.

John D. Rockefeller

Date: 1904
Description: Waist-up portrait of John D. Rockefeller.

Morey's Flying Billboard

Date: 04 17 1928
Description: Howard Morey flying an airplane that advertised Pennco Oil, his distributorship of Waco airplanes, and his flying school. His diverse operations were typic...

Six Philgas Corp. Employees

Date: 03 17 1945
Description: Portraits of six male Philgas Corporation employees, five wearing uniforms and one in a business suit.

Fiore Coal & Oil Co. Building

Date: 01 09 1939
Description: Fiore Coal and Oil Company building, 620 W. Mifflin Street.

Three Men Displaying Phillips 66 Bank Cans

Date: 05 09 1938
Description: Roy Bergengren, Earl Rentfro and another man holding display of bank cans with Phillips 66 labels.

Two Men Displaying Phillips 66 Bank Cans

Date: 05 09 1938
Description: Roy Bergengren and Earl Rentfro holding display of bank cans printed with Phillips 66 labels.

Jury in Oil Price Conspiracy Anti-Trust Case

Date: 10 05 1937
Description: Group portrait of 14 men chosen for the jury in a federal petrolium industry trial. On trial were 22 oil companies, 46 individuals, and three publications ...

Fiore Coal & Oil Co. Exhibit

Date: 05 02 1934
Description: Fiore Coal & Oil Company exhibit at Madison Home Show featuring oil burners and Lee tires.

Valvoline Service Station

Date: 08 22 1935
Description: Two attendants and several automobiles at the Valvoline gasoline station located at 999 South Park Street in Madison. This station is a good example of "th...

Capitol Oil Corporation Exhibit

Date: 02 12 1934
Description: Two men stand with the Capitol Oil Corporation display at the Madison Auto Show. The exhibit features "Tiolene Motor Oil," "Bowes Seal Fast," "Purol-Pep ga...

Meuer Fuel Co. Oil Truck

Date: 10 31 1933
Description: Meuer Fuel Co., 124-128 N. Bedford Street, Chevrolet oil truck. Signage reads: "Burn Sahara Coal for Hotter Heat."

Pennco Service Station

Date: 06 28 1933
Description: Pennco service station, featuring Barnsdale "Be Square" petroleum products and Dunlop tires, on the corner of N. Webster Street and 202 E. Washington Avenu...

Fiore Coal & Oil Co. Window Display

Date: 05 22 1931
Description: Fiore Coal & Oil Co. window display in the First National Bank building, 905 University Avenue. The window features a model railroad train layout which is ...

Fiore Coal and Oil Company Summit Bulk Plant

Date: 02 04 1931
Description: Elevated view of the Fiore Coal and Oil Company Summit bulk plant, showing railroad tank cars and bulk tanks.

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