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Making Dr. Brown's Cough Balsam

Date: 1896
Description: Workers posing in front of pharmaceutical equipment to demonstrate the making of Dr. Brown's Cough Balsam at Kienth Drugs and Medicines, 608 Mitchell Stree...

Pfeifer's Drugstore

Date: 1888
Description: Exterior view of Charles Pfeifer's Drugstore, founded in 1858. From left to right are Charles Pfeifer, Fred Pfeifer, Mrs. Adam Heeb, Fulda Pfeifer, Mrs. Ch...

Community Pharmacy

Date: July 10 1975
Description: Entrance to the WSA Community Pharmacy, located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.

Edward N. Farber

Date: September 06 1957
Description: Edward Farber, a prominent Milwaukee druggist, double checks a prescription order on the day before he retired. Farber operated his popular drugstore, loca...

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Janke

Date: November 14 1957
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Janke taking care of last minute details in their prescription department before closing their drugstore's doors at 1658 W. Hopkins permanentl...

Hollister's Pharmacy

Date: 1910
Description: Exterior view of A.H. Hollister's Pharmacy, which was located at 3 North Pinckney Street. The man with the long beard (far left), is Albert H. Hollister (1...

Taking a Prescription Order

Date: November 04 1940
Description: Druggist J.F. Robinson staffs the pharmacy's "Information Desk," ready to take a prescription from a doctor over the telephone. The pharmacy championed t...

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Date: November 04 1940
Description: A pharmacist checks the stocks of biologicals in a large, modern "walk-in" refrigerator.

O'Donnell in the Lab

Date: June 08 1947
Description: Druggist Joseph O' Donnell jots down some notes in his pharmacy's laboratory.

Druggist and Scale

Date: April 21 1942
Description: Druggist Stanley Meyers pauses while weighing a prescription on the pharmacy's scale.

Druggists at Work

Date: October 17 1946
Description: A trio of druggists busy themselves in the dispensary of Richards Brothers' Pharmacy.

Trio of Druggists

Date: April 30 1948
Description: A trio of pharmacists consult one another about a prescription order.

Using the Scale

Date: April 15 1949
Description: Two pharmacists behind the prescription counter check the scale at the Pekin Prescription Shop. Cabinets of "sick room" supplies are on the left.

Helping a Customer

Date: October 1947
Description: A pharmacist assists a customer in Joseph Lascoff's Pharmacy, located at 93rd and Amsterdam.

Pharmacy Team in Laboratory

Date: 1948
Description: A group of pharmacists consult each other at one of the counters in the laboratory. Pictured are, from left to right: William Hays, Steve Kostyk, Urban Kor...

Compounding Prescriptions

Date: November 26 1940
Description: A trio of druggists busy themselves in the laboratory with compounding materials for patient prescriptions. The pharmacists were employed with "The Pharmac...

Large Mortar and Pestle

Date: 1948
Description: A pharmacist compounds materials with a large mortar and pestle in the dispensary of St. Joseph's Hospital.

Gaines' Pharmacy Laboratory

Date: April 17 1950
Description: Pharmacist Joyce Smith Gaines examines a product in her laboratory.

Mixing Liquids

Date: 1945
Description: Roy Bird Cook mixes liquid medications in his pharmacy's laboratory.

Pharmacy Staff at Tozer Pharmacy

Date: October 01 1941
Description: The entire staff of Tozer Pharmacy poses in the rear of the store. The laboratory is on the left, with benches for customers who are waiting on the right....

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