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Picket Line at Milwaukee City Hall

Date: 09 23 1946
Description: Public Workers Strike - Milwaukee members of the United Public Workers, tiring of a series of stalls on their legitimate wage demands, take to the street a...

Allis Chalmers Strike Parade

Date: 12 07 1946
Description: Striking Allis Chalmbers workers and CIO supporters on parade in 1946. In later years it was common suggested that the Communist-dominated Milwaukee CIO ha...

Anti-Franco Demonstration

Date: 03 1946
Description: CIO members joined Lincoln Brigade veterans in a demonstration on Wisconsin Avenue last week to demand the breaking off of U.S. diplomatic relations with F...

Henry Wallace for President Demonstration

Date: 08 12 1948
Description: One of the many demonstrations organized by the People's Progressive Party in Milwaukee to fight the ever-rising cost of living. The campaign includes the ...

Picketers in Favor of Continued Price Controls

Date: 07 19 1946
Description: Young demonstrators at the CIO's "Don't Buy a Depression" rally.

Packinghouse Workers Picket Line

Date: 03 22 1948
Description: Members of Local 50, United Packinghouse Workers of America and their families walking the picket line.

"Picket Duty - Everyone's Job" Even the youngster...


Picketing Gimbel's

Date: 03 15 1955
Description: Women from Pittsburgh AFL Retail Clerks' Union Local 1365 picket at the Milwaukee store.

Teachers Picket

Date: 11 08 1967
Description: Teachers protest the lack of a "concrete offer" for a new contract in front of the Milwaukee vocational school.

Postal Employees Picket

Date: 08 1919
Description: Postal workers demonstrate to demand salary increases to meet war-time cost of living increases.

Construction Workers Picket

Date: 1955
Description: A man wearing a construction workers' union sign pickets in the bright sun, followed by a young boy with a homemade sign of support.

Allis Chalmers Picketers

Date: 11 01 1946
Description: Members of the United Automobile Workers on strike at the Allis-Chalmers plant in Milwaukee.

UAW Strikers at Case

Date: 1960
Description: Striking members of the United Automobile Workers Union, Local 180 posed outside the tractor works in Racine with a banner indicating their demands.

Packinghouse Union Work Stoppage

Date: 1952
Description: Members of the United Packinghouse Workers Local 80 picketing the Campbell Soup Company plant. The union had walked out as a result of wage, union shop, an...

Two Faces of the UPWA

Date: 1948
Description: Two members of United Packinghouse Workers Local 1124 in New Orleans on strike against the Colonial Sugar Company. They graphically symbolize the UPWA's de...

Informational Picket

Date: 1950
Description: Vi Slovin, an employee of the United Packinghouse Workers District One office in Chicago, working after hours to distribute leaflets about the Wilson & Co....

Children on the Picket Line

Date: 05 01 1948
Description: Striking members of Packinghouse Workers Local 392 in Baltimore getting ready for Children's Day on the picket line. Frank McCarty, of the UPWA, is about t...

Swift Company Picketers

Date: 09 09 1956
Description: Striking members of Amalgamated Meatcutters Local 28 picketing at the Swift and Company plant in Chicago.

Zilphia Horton Singing on Picket Line

Description: Zilphia Horton playing an accordion and singing on a picket line. A group of men and women sit in chairs in front of a tent. Sign on left reads, "Peaceful ...

Packinghouse Picket Line

Description: Striking packinghouse workers on a picket line at an unidentified locality. Sign on side of building reads, "W & W Pickle Co."

UFCW Strike

Description: Strike of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 227 against a Winn-Dixie grocery store. Identified among the picketers are Rev. Charles...

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