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Prison Convict Hauls Wood with Ox-Driven Wagon

Date: March 08 1915
Description: View of a prisoner, who has a wooden leg, hauling "lighter" wood from the pine woods and Turpentine Orchard to camp with an ox-drawn wagon. Original captio...

Manacled Prisoner

Date: September 01 1933
Description: Chester Briggs, aka Chester Hawk or John Stanovich, was found by police in a boxcar at the Milwaukee Road switching tracks. He is sitting in a chair at the...

Cecil LaValla

Date: July 15 1933
Description: Portrait of Cecil LaValla, sitting in a chair at the county jail, suspect in the murder of Odin Tofsrud.

Prisoner Hauling Goods

Date: 1915
Description: Elevated view of an African American prisoner hauling goods with a horse-drawn wagon. Original caption reads: "Baled alfalfa, bacon, flour and grain which...

Wisconsin State Prison Buildings and Grounds

Date: 1893
Description: Elevated exterior view of buildings and grounds of the Wisconsin State Prison. Prisoners are line up in formation.

Waupun Prison Garden

Date: 1870
Description: Waupun Prison garden. Hill top view of garden with arched trellis and vines and men hoeing in garden; prison in background.

Convict Labor During World War I

Date: September 1917
Description: South Carolina convicts building a road at Camp Wadsworth near Spartenberg in preparation for the camp's use as a National Guard training camp. The prisone...

Karl Armstrong Freedom Party Poster

Date: September 23 1973
Description: Poster for Karl Armstrong freedom party.

Prisoner Edward Pendergast

Date: January 20 1940
Description: Prison mug shot of Edward Pendergast, inmate number 25367, an Irish mill wright who was convicted of arson.

Prisoner Harvey Wiles

Date: January 22 1940
Description: Prisoner photograph of Harvey Wiles, inmate number 25371, who was a clerk convicted on three counts of embezzlement.

Prisoner Lyle Tadder

Date: February 09 1940
Description: Prison photograph of Lyle Tadder, inmate number 25409, a painter who was convicted of larceny of auto.

Prisoner Wilfred Leigh Mills

Date: July 08 1940
Description: Prisoner photograph of Wilfred Leigh Mills, inmate number 25714, an English truck driver convicted of larceny.

Prisoner William Joseph Hogan

Date: February 11 1946
Description: Prisoner William Joseph Hogan, inmate 28820, a truck driver convicted on two counts of assault with intent to rob.

Prisoner Gustave Pete Sharlow

Date: February 15 1946
Description: Prisoner Gustave Pete Sharlow, inmate number 28827, an Indian tailor convicted of larceny.

Prisoner Virgil Valorous Ishmael

Date: February 11 1946
Description: Prisoner photograph of Virgil Valorous Ishmael, inmate number 28858, a truck driver convicted of issuing worthless checks.

Prisoner Salvatore "Cono" Librizzi

Date: April 03 1946
Description: Prisoner photograph of Salvatore "Cono" Librizzi, inmate number 28898, a laborer who was convicted of burglary.

Prisoner Henry G. Baxter

Date: November 08 1951
Description: Prison photograph of Henry G. Baxter, inmate number 32394, a tavern and restaurant keeper convicted of selling mortgaged property.

Capture of Joshua Glover

Description: Drawing showing escaped slave Joshua Glover being seized at Racine.

Man in Hayward County Jail

Date: October 1910
Description: Copy photograph of a man posing sitting in jail, probably John Deitz in Hayward. He appears to have a cast or bandage on his left hand. A young girl is sta...

Tall-tale Postcard: Out for Air

Date: 1923
Description: Two police officers holding rifles escort two prisoners into a paddywagon. Lining the road is a long, perspective view of an outdoor prison. Red text impri...

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