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Weather Radar

Date: 1950
Description: Meteorologists using radar equipment outdoors.

Parts Technician on Telephone at Office Desk

Date: 10 26 1937
Description: Parts technician on the telephone at his desk in the International Harvester dealership of H. Metz. The portrait was taken as part of store modernization p...

Technician Repainting Ensilage Cutter Wheels

Date: 11 02 1937
Description: Technician repainting McCormick-Deering ensilage cutter wheels inside the paint shop at an International Harvester dealership.

Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Date: 10 14 1945
Description: Outdoor group portrait of the Federation of State, County and Municipal employees outside the Federation Building, 448 W. Washington Avenue. Photograph tak...

Wisconsin Power and Light Co.

Date: 06 15 1945
Description: Group portrait of C.L. Turner, traffic supervisor for Wisconsin Power & Light Company, and six female employees of Wisconsin Power & Light Company, 122 Wes...

Manchester's Department Store Photo Studio

Date: 11 29 1944
Description: The photo studio department in Manchester's Department Store. A man is assisting a female customer, while female employees do their work.

Mobile X-Ray Machine

Date: 08 13 1941
Description: Bus containing mobile x-ray machine with sign, "Wisconsin State Board of Health, Tuberculosis Survey." A male technician is standing beside the bus. The bu...

Mobile X-ray Machine

Date: 08 13 1941
Description: School bus interior with a mobile x-ray machine. A male technician stands by while another man stands in front of the diagnostic unit.

Remodeled C.U.N.A. Office

Date: 04 05 1938
Description: Remodeled C.U.N.A. (Credit Union National Association) office, Raiffeisen House 142 Gilman Street, after fire, taken from near the door, showing seven peop...

State Employees Party

Date: 12 17 1937
Description: Group portrait of state employees taken at a party in Tripp Commons Hall, Memorial Union, University of Wisconsin. Taken for State Employee magazine.

Kayser Motors Employees and Families

Date: 09 19 1937
Description: Group portrait of Kayser Motors employees and their families on a picnic at Burrows Park.

McKay Nursery

Date: 05 07 1937
Description: Large group of employees standing beside trucks parked in front of McKay Nursery.

McKay Nursery, Trucks and Employees

Date: 05 07 1937
Description: Large group of employees standing beside trucks parked in front of McKay Nursery building. Alternate view.

Philgas Co. Employees

Date: 08 11 1936
Description: Outdoor group portrait of ten male employees of the Philgas Co.

Hard Times Party

Date: 06 13 1936
Description: Group portrait of Kroger employees in costume at a Hard Times Party, Schenk's Hall, 2028 Atwood Avenue. There is a man with an accordion in the background.

Installing Rock-Wool Insulation

Date: 12 10 1934
Description: Two men and Home Insulation of Madison, Inc. truck in front of W.J. Sheppard, 2524 Chamberlain Avenue, house, shown installing Johns Manville rock-wool ins...

World's Fair Beauties

Date: 08 10 1934
Description: Three "most beautiful employees" of the Chicago World's Fair on a publicity tour: Patricia Marquan, Kay Griffith and Dorothy Le Fold.

Varsity Hand Laundry Employees

Date: 05 17 1934
Description: Interior of the Varsity Hand Laundry, located at 527 State Street. There are four women ironing, and several workers are standing behind them. A sign in th...

Cardinal Hand Laundry

Date: 04 18 1934
Description: Interior of the Cardinal Hand Laundry, 619 State Street. Two women are ironing, while another woman is folding clothes while under the attention of their m...

Laundress at Madison General Hospital

Date: 02 06 1934
Description: Older woman laundry worker folding items at a table in front of industrial laundry equipment, in the laundry at Madison General Hospital.

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