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Middleton Railroad Crossing

Date: 1873
Description: Elevated view of several men, some of whom may be railroad workers, posing in front of a Minnesota and St. Paul wood-burning engine at a train crossing. Th...

Middleton Railroad

Date: 1873
Description: Elevated view of railroad tracks and several houses. Several railroad employees are doing repair work on the tracks, and one man is riding on a handcar. Be...

Little Wood Burner at Crossing

Description: Kilbourn; little wood burner locomotive (train engine) at crossing.

Early Morning at Railroad Crossing

Date: 10 03 1960
Description: Early morning at a railroad crossing on County Highway A, with houses and a barn in the distance.

Depot on West Washington Street

Date: 1873
Description: Locomotive, with view east on West Washington Avenue toward the Wisconsin State Capitol. There is a sign near the tracks that reads: "Look Out for The Cars...

Men Standing Posing on Flooded Rail Line

Date: 1919
Description: Men standing on the exposed portion of a flooded railroad track as a swiftly moving torrent of water is rushing past. Benham was a "company town" created b...

Verona for McGovern

Date: 10 1972
Description: The Verona, Wisconsin, headquarters for the George McGovern/Sargent Shriver presidential campaign gets a new sign.

Winnebago Street from Yahara River Bridge

Date: 01 09 1946
Description: Winnebago Street from the Yahara River Bridge, scene of accident, near railroad crossing. There is a Victorian house at left, 1628 Winnebago Street, with a...

Construction Crew at Northwestern Railroad Crossing

Date: 10 27 1936
Description: Elevated view of a construction crew working on Chicago & Northwestern Railroad crossing, showing the W.R. Baker Tavern at 601 E. Wilson Street, and the Pa...

Car Wreck, East Johnson Street

Date: 08 27 1934
Description: Two men are looking at a damaged automobile belonging to Elmer Meixner, DeForest, after a collision with a Milwaukee Road train at the East Johnson Street ...

Doyon Lumber Co. Fire Scene

Date: 08 11 1934
Description: Doyon Lumber Co., following a warehouse fire, located at 638 West Mifflin Street.

Superior Depot

Date: 09 10 1939
Description: View down railroad tracks towards the Central Avenue depot and the railroad crossing.

Railroad Crossing

Date: 10 10 1939
Description: Railroad crossing, also showing the main street and the train depot.

Rail Crossing at Elroy

Date: 09 1936
Description: Chicago & Northwestern Railroad train crossing the Elroy-New Lisbon Road (Highway 80).

Highway Bridge Over Railroad Tracks

Date: 11 16 1939
Description: Highway bridge on USH 41 with a train pulled by locomotive #496 traveling under the span.

Downtown Dane

Date: 1924
Description: Railroad tracks cross the road at the central business district at Dane, Wisconsin.

Railroad Station

Description: The Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railroad depot and the J.N. Bassett grain elevator. A four-car passenger train is stopped at the station.

Holmes Junction Depot

Description: View down center of railroad tracks towards Holmes Junction, an intersection of the Wisconsin & Michigan and the Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul railroads, ...

Short Train at Rice Lake

Date: 1890
Description: A Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad engine pulling a pay car. Identified employees include: (left to right) brakeman E.W. Sweet and fireman C...

Medina Junction Washout

Date: 1915
Description: Four men inspecting the washout of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie tracks caused by a flood at Medina Junction. The view is looking west from th...

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