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Real Estate Values Sign

Description: A sign in Nakoma detailing real estate values, which reads "If you are going to build, note these facts..."

Model House Exterior

Date: 10 10 1931
Description: Exterior front view of the model house at 2318 Monroe Street. Ralph H. Wood was the contractor from the design firm of Balch and Lippert, Madison architect...

St. Paul Ice Carnival Parade

Description: Elevated view of the St. Paul Ice Carnival; royal family equipages in street parade with crowd lining street. There is a real estate agency and a laundry o...

Haley & Sons Building

Date: 04 23 1937
Description: Haley & Sons, building facade, "Insurance, Realtors, Northwestern Insured Savings," 124 State Street. In 1940 it became home of the First Federal Savings a...

Hanks Real Estate Office Interior Entrance

Date: 12 14 1935
Description: Art Deco interior entrance to the offices of Stanley C. Hanks Co., real estate and Hanks & Bush, Insurance, 24 W. Mifflin Street, Hub Building.

J.S. Baker, Land Agent, Building

Date: 1855
Description: Quarter plate ambrotype of a brick structure, possibly in Green Bay, Wisconsin, housing the office of J.S. Baker, Land Agent. The building is three stories...

Rennebohm's at 1357 University Avenue

Date: 1925
Description: The Rennebohm Drug Store #1 at the corner of University Avenue and Randall Avenue, which replaced Rennebohm's first store located just across the street. A...
Map or Atlas

100 Valuable Building Lots in Belmont

Date: 1836
Description: Lots to be sold at auction by Van Antwerp and Van Dyke on Monday, 3rd Oct. 1836. The map shows plots and labeled streets. Iowa County was later split and B...

First Presbyterian Church

Description: View towards front and left side of the First Presbyterian Church.

Mount Zircon Spring Water Company

Date: 1917
Description: Four men pose around an International truck, probably a Model H, owned and operated by the Mount Zircon Spring Water Co. The truck is loaded with cases and...

Andrew Wade House Bombing Comic Strip

Date: 1954
Description: Comic strip showing man bombing a house because it is being sold to an African-American man. A police officer arrests the seller of the home for inciting t...

Ingvald Hovde, President, Hovde Realty Company

Date: 12 09 1947
Description: Portrait of Ingvald Hovde, President of Hovde Realty Company, 114 North Carroll Street.

Benjamin F. Faast

Date: 12 02 1914
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Benjamin F. Faast, Eau Claire realtor.

Nathanael Greene

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Nathanael Greene, Milwaukee realtor.

Per-Ola Land Co. Booth

Description: Man standing in a booth promoting the Per-Ola Land Company. There are several Forest County grown grains and crops on display in the booth to show the boun...

Richard W. Houghton

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Richard W. Houghton, Milwaukee lumberman and realtor.

Arthur N. McGeoch

Date: 06 10 1921
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Arthur N. McGeoch, Milwaukee realtor.

Jeremiah Quin

Date: 11 05 1913
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Jeremiah Quin, Milwaukee estate manager.

August Rebhan

Date: 10 09 1914
Description: Quarter-length studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of August Rebhan, Milwaukee realtor.

Carl J. Remeeus

Description: Quarter-length studio portrait of Carl J. Remeeus, Milwaukee realtor.

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