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Vince Lombardi at the Pro Football Writers Dinner

Date: 02 10 1969
Description: Green Bay Packers football coach, Vince Lombardi, being interviewed at the professional football writers dinner.

Lindbergh in Paris

Date: 05 21 1927
Description: Lindbergh after his arrival in Paris on an inspection tour of Le Bourget airport. The man on Lindbergh's left with whom he is chatting is the British aviat...

Nikita Khrushchev with Reporters

Date: 1959
Description: Elevated view of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev wading through a throng of reporters during a visit to a farm. A Farmall 560 tractor is in the background...

Joseph L. "Roundy" Coughlin

Date: 09 26 1951
Description: Wisconsin State Journal sports columnist, Joseph L. "Roundy" Coughlin and "character about town" relaxes on a park bench.

Placing Order for First Legal Beer

Date: 03 15 1933
Description: Donald Huseby, office manager of the Fauerbach Brewery, receiving from Herman Lochner, police reporter for the "Capital Times," an order for the first case...

Jesse Smith Trial

Date: 09 15 1931
Description: Trial of Madison Police Dept. Desk Sargent Jesse M. Smith, accused of non-payment of a $191 bill which his ex-wife incurred at the Dean clinic. This was he...

Central High School "Mirror" Reporters

Date: 03 18 1929
Description: Central High School "Mirror" newspaper reporters.

Newspaper Print Shop

Date: 1950
Description: Sports editor and sports reporter from the "Wisconsin State Journal" confer with a printer over trays of lead type.

Russell Jones with Group of Journalists

Date: 11 1956
Description: Russell Jones, facing camera wearing a light trench coat, standing with a group of journalists on a street corner during the fighting in Budapest, Hungary....

Reporters Interviewing Wendell Willkie

Date: 02 18 1944
Description: Wendell Willkie interviewed by Rex Karney (left), "Wisconsin State Journal" political reporter, and Marquis Childs (right), whose nationally-syndicated col...

Robert Angus

Date: 02 12 1945
Description: Robert "Bob" Angus, "Wisconsin State Journal" reporter.

Cub Scouts and Roundy Coughlin

Date: 06 06 1945
Description: Group of Cub Scouts presenting two checks to Joseph "Roundy" Coughlin, sports writer of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Robert Kennedy Announces His Candidacy

Date: 03 16 1968
Description: Senator Robert F. Kennedy announcing his candidacy for the office of President of the United States. The announcement took place in the Caucus Room of the ...

June Dieckman, Newspaper Reporter

Date: 12 02 1945
Description: June Dieckman, police reporter for the "Wisconsin State Journal," shown examining a hole in a ventilating pipe cut by two federal prisoners attempting to e...

Russell Pyre

Date: 04 03 1947
Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Russell Pyre.

McCarthy, the Primary Winner

Date: 09 18 1952
Description: Senator Joseph R. McCarthy speaking with reporters at LaGuardia Airport shortly after his victory over Len Schmitt in the Wisconsin Republican primary. McC...

Little White House Press Conference

Date: 03 15 1951
Description: President Harry Truman at a Press Conference in Key West. The President called press conferences infrequently while at the Little White House. This one las...

Edward R. Murrow

Date: 03 09 1954
Description: Edward R. Murrow of CBS. On March 9, 1954, Murrow broadcast an episode of his "See It Now" series about Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and McCarthyism, and on ...

Reporters Quiz Joe McCarthy

Date: 11 18 1953
Description: After closed door hearings at the Boston Federal Building, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy talks to the press about subversive activities at the General Electri...

Sennett and Winslow Capture

Date: 11 17 1947
Description: Neighbors of the Pomputis family and newspaper reporters wait on a highway near the farm where the confessed murderers were hiding.

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