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Poultry Night at the Orpheum Theatre

Date: 11 17 1932
Description: Male and female turkeys awaiting their fate in cages in the lobby of the Orpheum Theatre. A poster advertises "Next Tuesday is Poultry Night Here! 8 turkey...

Hommels Cooking School

Date: 11 24 1933
Description: View from center aisle of Hommel's Cooking School set up on the Parkway Theater stage, 6-10 W. Mifflin Street. Displayed is a layout of the cooking demonst...

IH "Milker Service Day" Advertising Poster

Date: 1950
Description: Advertising poster promoting "Milker Service Day" at International Harvester dealerships. Includes the text: "Our trained milker service men will adjust an...

International Scout 800 Advertising Poster

Date: 1966
Description: Advertising poster for the International Scout 800 truck. Includes a color photograph of the two men in a truck crossing a stream and the text: "Fisherman'...

International Scout Advertising Poster

Date: 1970
Description: Advertising poster for the International Scout truck. Features a cartoon illustration of a man in a Scout on a mountain peak, and includes the text "if you...

International Travelall Advertising Poster

Date: 1970
Description: Advertising poster for the International Travelall truck. Features a color photograph of two people in a Travelall pulling two campers and a boat. Includes...

Parade of Homes House

Date: 09 18 1952
Description: A new home, at 4326 De Volis Parkway, ready for the "Parade of Homes" show. The house was built by Ace Construction Company.

Promotional China Display

Date: 10 28 1935
Description: Promotional display of Salem china, Tricorne pattern, in the lobby of the Eastwood Theatre, 2090 Atwood Avenue. The sign reads: "China Night Every Tuesday ...

Pennsylvania Oil Company Service Station

Date: 01 17 1927
Description: Elevated view of cars lining up at Pennco filling (gas) station at the corner of State and Gorham Streets to get free crankcase draining and "Oak" Motor Oi...

Fall Festival Entertainers

Date: 09 08 1930
Description: Four women are playing banjos in the McVicar Photo Service Booth at the 1930 East Side Businessman's Association (ESBMA) Fall Festival.

Elephant Posing on International Cub Cadet

Date: 1967
Description: Shirley, a half-ton elephant, poses on an International Cub Cadet 122 lawn tractor with IH dealer Carl Kelton looking on. Several cub cadets are in the bac...

Sears Roebuck "Wizard" Washing Machine

Date: 1913
Description: 1913 Sears Roebuck catalog page of woman with "Wizard" washing machine.

Toy Chimp Robot

Date: 06 06 1963
Description: Toy distributors for Ideal Toy Corporation introduce a new toy line to dealers.

Osceola Commerce Club Band

Date: 04 21 1928
Description: Elevated view of the Commercial Club Band posing at a rail yard with a newly arrived shipment of McCormick-Deering ball-bearing cream separators. The cream...

Corben Airplane and Circus Performers

Date: 07 29 1933
Description: A group of circus performers pose outdoors with a Corben airplane. The tall Man is Jack Earle, and one of the little people is probably Lia Graf.

Corben Christening

Date: 08 12 1932
Description: RKO motion picture actress Raquel Torres christening the new model airplane manufactured in Madison by Orland Corben. Corben had flown the airplane that br...

Racing Car at Plymouth Liquors

Date: 06 11 1945
Description: A driver sits in a small promotional race car with a "Calvert Special" logo on its side at Plymouth Liquors, 2717 Atwood Avenue.

Selling Defense Savings Bonds

Date: 01 1942
Description: Man and woman consider buying Defense Savings Bonds and Stamps from a clerk at a basement CUNA Credit Union National Association office.

Kennedy-Mansfield Dairy Co. Display

Date: 09 19 1941
Description: Kennedy-Mansfield Dairy Co. booth at the East Side Business Men's Association Fall Festival, featuring a winter display of bears eating ice cream and a dai...

Women's Fashion Show

Date: 02 28 1941
Description: Women's style show with female model on the runway and women sitting in the audience at Manchester's Department Store.

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