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Loggers Dining at Camp

Date: 1907
Description: Loggers at dinner in the woods north of Glen Flora. The man in the center is filing his saw.

Felling White Pine

Description: Two lumberjacks pose at the base of a tree with a double-handled saw poised to cut.

Logging Scene

Description: A two-man team of sawers work on a massive tree with a crosscut saw (right) while a man with an an axe waits to trim branches. The trunks are then cut down...

Two Lumbermen with Saw

Date: 1880
Description: Two lumbermen posing with a two-man crosscut saw they are using on a fallen tree trunk, cutting the pine into manageable sizes for hauling.

Logging Camp Crew

Date: 1875
Description: Group portrait of a large logging crew posing outdoors in the snow at their camp in front of a log building. One of the men is playing a fiddle or a violin...

John Muir's Drawing of a Table Saw

Date: 1863
Description: A diagram of a table saw, designed and drawn by John Muir.

Loggers Posed with Their Tools

Date: 03 09 1906
Description: Camp Montana loggers pose in front of camp building with their tools. Includes a dog sitting on the lap of one logger.

Loggers with Pine Tree

Description: Two men with a saw stand by a large pine tree recently cut down.

McCormick Farmall H Tractor and International Truck at Work on Farm

Date: 1950
Description: Father and son at work cutting wood with McCormick Farmall H tractor running belt-driven circular saw on rural farm. Behind them is parked an International...

Saw Blade Shop at Weber Wagon Works

Date: 1918
Description: Saws blades and machinery in a saw blade sharpening and setting shop at International Harvester's Weber Works. The factory was located at Auburn Park and w...

Cutting Firewood with Farmall H Tractor

Date: 1950
Description: Two farmers cutting firewood with a belt-driven circular saw powered by a McCormick Farmall H tractor.

School Boys Using Wood Tools

Description: Two boys of different ages using wood tools, including planes and files, during a classroom exercise.

Men Cutting Wood with Engine Powered Saw

Date: 1905
Description: Men cutting logs with a saw powered by an International Harvester gasoline engine on the farm of Casper Kaster.

Worker Trims Wagon Wheel Spokes

Description: Worker trimming assembled wagon wheel spokes with a belt-driven rotary saw at International Harvester's Accurate Engineering Works.

University of Wisconsin Women's Carpentry Class

Date: 1900
Description: Women working with tools, including a saw, in the University of Wisconsin Agricultural Extension women's carpentry class.

Hardware Sales

Date: 12 19 1962
Description: Hilgendorf's Hardware store clerk showing a saw to a customer.

Farmer Cuts Firewood

Date: 11 26 1923
Description: Farmer, possibly Walter Stange, cutting wood with a circular saw run by a 1 1/2 H.P. Type M McCormick-Deering gas engine.

Children Making Furniture

Date: 10 18 1933
Description: Large group of children making orange crate furniture at Hawthorne School, 216 Division Street. Activities include sawing and hammering.

Cutting up Christmas Tree

Date: 07 20 1933
Description: Two men sawing up the 10th ward Christmas tree, a stately Wisconsin fir, which had been growing at the corner of Spooner and Monroe Street.

Tent at Tent Colony

Date: 06 27 1931
Description: Man sawing wood in front of a tent in the woods at the University of Wisconsin Tent Colony. The tent is set up on a wood platform. Also known as Camp Galli...

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