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Packing Bacon

Description: Three women packing "All Good" brand bacon.

Druggist and Scale

Date: April 21 1942
Description: Druggist Stanley Meyers pauses while weighing a prescription on the pharmacy's scale.

Using the Scale

Date: April 15 1949
Description: Two pharmacists behind the prescription counter check the scale at the Pekin Prescription Shop. Cabinets of "sick room" supplies are on the left.

A Penny a Pound

Date: February 22 1957
Description: Girls being weighed to determine their donations of a penny a pound to the YWCA camp.

Big Baby

Date: October 04 1958
Description: A new mother is looking on as her 13-pound newborn infant is weighed by the nurse.

Women Ball Twine at McCormick Twine Mill

Date: April 26 1939
Description: Women workers operating twine balling machines at International Harvester's McCormick Twine Mill. The twine mill was part of the McCormick Works. The McCor...

Weighing Pig Lead

Date: May 1866
Description: Engraved view of two men in a train locomotive observing the weighing of pig lead. Several bars of lead are stacked near the scale.

Girl at Vegetable Stand

Date: 1917
Description: Girl selling vegetables to a customer at vegetable stand along Milwaukee pike. Original caption reads: "The little girl in charge sold over $800 worth of v...

Candy Maker

Date: October 11 1981
Description: Jim Niemann decorates dipped chocolates at his family's business, Niemann's Home Made Chocolate Shop.

IH General Office Mail Room

Date: October 29 1937
Description: Men and women working in the 5th floor mail room of International Harvester's general office building.

Test Kitchen and Laboratory at Oscar Mayer

Date: October 16 1945
Description: Slightly elevated view of five women researchers performing various aspects of food research and related activities in a test kitchen and laboratory at the...

Gosling's Display at W.S.B.M. Festival

Date: September 05 1943
Description: Gosling's Sales and Service display at West Side Business Men's Association harvest festival featuring coffee grinders, meat grinders and Holcomb & Hoke Ma...

Woman Shopping at Kroger Store

Date: July 09 1943
Description: A woman shopping in the produce department at the Kroger store at Union Corners, 2541 Winnebago Street. She was promoting the Oscar Mayer Health for Victor...

Interior of North St. Market

Date: April 08 1938
Description: Four employees behind the meat counter in the North St. Meat Market (Jacobson's), 227 North Street.

Interior of North St. Market

Date: April 08 1938
Description: Four employees behind the meat counter in the North Street Market, 227 North Street.

Weights and Measures Division Truck

Date: February 05 1938
Description: Side view of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Division truck parked in a garage beside measuring device.

CUNA Mailing Room

Date: February 26 1936
Description: Three men in CUNA (Credit Union National Association) mailing room, Raiffeisen House, located at 142 East Gilman Street.

Kroger Produce Warehouse

Date: August 07 1934
Description: Interior of produce warehouse, Kroger Grocery and Baking Company, 634 West Washington Avenue, with sacks of sugar and a large Fairbanks scale.

Large Cabbage Mushroom on Toledo Scale

Date: August 19 1931
Description: A large polyporus frondosus or cabbage mushroom, 10" high and 14" by 28" thick, weighing 36 pounds, being weighed on a Toledo scale, was found growing betw...

Toledo Computogram Scale with Tradesman

Date: May 20 1931
Description: Interior view of a Toledo Computogram scale on a counter in a Dodgeville store, with the grocer weighing bananas. In the background is a display of merchan...

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