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Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin

Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin, the President of UW Madison 1887-1892.

San Padeo Workshop

Date: 1964
Description: Highlander Folk School students and directors standing in a line, possibly singing together, at the San Padeo workshop. Third from left, Myles Horton, Will...

Milwaukee Public School Board Walk Out

Date: 01 21 1964
Description: Lloyd Barbee, NAACP state president, walking out of a Milwaukee Public School Board meeting when Chairman Harold W. Story refused to allow the participatio...

PTA, Reception for Principal Marvin

Date: 06 05 1935
Description: Group portrait of large group of Draper School PTA members at a reception in Draper School, 910 W. Johnson Street, for retiring principal Miss Adeline Marv...

Pres. Glenn Frank Reading

Date: 11 20 1934
Description: University of Wisconsin Pres. Glenn Frank sitting in a swivel chair reading: "The open door at the home."

East High School Basketball Team

Date: 02 18 1930
Description: Group portrait of East High School basketball team.

Eaton Residence, Beloit College

Description: House of Edward D. Eaton, the President of Beloit College.

University of Wisconsin President Fred and Oscar Rennebohm

Date: 03 09 1953
Description: University President E.B. Fred and former governor Oscar Rennebohm posing in front of the first Rennebohm Drug Store in the 1300 block of University Avenue...

President Fred, Oscar Rennebohm and Sensenbrenner

Description: Seated from left to right are University of Wisconsin President E.B. Fred, Governor Oscar Rennebohm, and UW Board of Regents President F.J. Sensenbrenner.

Frederick W. Horn

Date: 1872
Description: Portrait of Frederick Horn (1815-1893), a Democrat. He was a lawyer and editor of the Cedarburg Weekly News. His years of public service began in 1842 and ...

Award Presentation to WHA Radio

Date: 05 10 1945
Description: Lieut. Governor Oscar Rennebohm (on right), presenting a citation for twenty-six years of on-air service for radio station WHA to University of Wisconsin P...

C.D. Lehman Receiving Certificate

Date: 06 28 1945
Description: C.D. Lehman, superintendent of the State Public School, Sparta, receiving a certificate of service from Herman A. Kloppmann, board president, with A.W. Bay...

Edward Hitchcock, Geologist and Theologian

Date: 1869
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of Edward Hitchcock (1793-1864), American educator and geologist. Hitchcock served as the third president of Amherst College from ...

Peter Engelmann, Naturalist

Date: 1867
Description: Vignetted carte-de-visite portrait of Peter Engelmann (1823-1874), Wisconsin educator and naturalist. Engelman founded the German-English Academy in Milwau...

Bicycle Riding Tests

Date: 04 30 1947
Description: Marquette School students being tested for riding skills in front of the school, 510 South Thornton Avenue. The testing is along Spaight Street.

Girl Signaling During Bicycle Riding Test

Date: 03 30 1947
Description: Marquette School student, a girl in a flowered skirt, being tested for riding skills in front of the school at 510 South Thornton Avenue. The testing is al...

University of Wisconsin Commencement

Date: 05 25 1947
Description: University of Wisconsin Commencement honorary degree recipients with Governor Oscar Rennebohm and, left to right, President E.B. Fred, John Van Vleck, form...

Myles Horton

Description: Portrait of Myles Horton, cofounder of the Highlander Folk School.

Claudia Lewis

Description: Indoor portrait of Claudia Lewis, who started a Nursery School at Highlander Folk School in the early 1930s. She came from the Bank Street School, which he...

Catherine Winston

Description: Catherine Winston, a staff member at the Highlander Folk School, reading a book and smoking a cigarette.

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