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Increase A. Lapham

Description: Formal portrait of Increase Lapham sitting in a chair.

Ezra Carr

Date: 1860
Description: Ezra S. Carr (1819-1894), one of the first members of the University of Wisconsin faculty as well as a member of the board of regents.

German Scientist with Test Tube

Date: 1880
Description: Illustration of a scientist in his lab gazing at a test tube, with a caption in German that translates to "Eureka! I have found it!".

Chemist Testing Paint

Date: June 24 1944
Description: Female chemist using C.M. Ambrose Company paint mixer for testing paint, with a man looking on at the Mautz Paint and Varnish Company, 939 East Washington...

Paint Testing

Date: June 28 1944
Description: Female chemist using C.M. Ambrose Company paint mixer for testing paint at the Mautz Paint and Varnish Company, 939 East Washington Avenue.

Mr. S. Schafer with Snakes

Date: December 21 1933
Description: Mr. S. Schafer in laboratory coat, holding one large and one small snake.

Looking in the Microscope

Date: October 30 1931
Description: A food scientist looking through a microscope at Oscar Mayer.

Horlick Mountains, Antarctica

Description: Unidentified explorer standing in field of snow with the Horlick Mountains of Antarctica in the background. The Horlick Mountains were named by Admiral Ric...

McCormick Works Paint(?) Laboratory

Date: 1900
Description: Technicians standing and sitting in the paint(?) laboratory at the McCormick Reaper Works factory. Tables are equipped with burners, beakers and other supp...

Ventilator Testing Cabinet

Date: November 05 1954
Description: Man operating a ventilator testing cabinet at W.R. Carnes Company.

Ventilator Testing Cylinder

Date: November 05 1954
Description: Man operating a ventilator testing cylinder at W.R. Carnes Company.

Carnes Company Testing Room

Date: November 05 1954
Description: Man standing on a platform ladder adjusting a ceiling ventilator in the testing room at W.R. Carnes Company, wide angle view.

John W. Sterling

Description: Vignetted head and shoulders portrait of John W. Sterling (1816-1885), one of the first members of the faculty of the University of Wisconsin and briefly a...

Arlie W. Schorger

Date: February 20 1944
Description: Arlie W. Schorger, a chemist for the U.S. Bureau of Standards for one year, and at the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory for nine years, before joining the f...

Young Increase A. Lapham

Date: 1859
Description: Studio portrait of Increase A. Lapham in suit and tie.

Philo Romayne Hoy, Ornithologist

Date: 1874
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of Dr. Philo R. Hoy (1816-1892), Wisconsin ornithologist and entomologist. Settled in Racine with his family in 1846. Served as pr...

Madison Dairy Laboratory

Date: January 09 1946
Description: Two men performing a test in a laboratory at the Madison Dairy, 1018 East Washington Avenue.

Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, Geologist

Date: 1864
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807-1873), Swiss-born American zoologist, geologist and glaciologist. Founded the Museum of Compa...

John Gould Anthony, Zoologist

Date: 1863
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of John Gould Anthony (1804-1877), head of the Conchology department at the Museum of Comparative Zoology from 1863 until his deat...

Oliver Marcy, Naturalist

Date: 1865
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of Oliver Marcy (1820-1899), American educator and natural scientist. In 1862, he became professor and chair of the natural histor...

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