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Blaney Farm Buildings

Date: 05 24 1945
Description: Long distance view of Blaney Seed Farm and buildings, at Syene & Lacy Roads.

Green & Company Truck

Date: 04 30 1936
Description: Three men loading seed sacks into Green & Company Ford semi-trailer truck at Olds Seed Co. loading dock, 722 Williamson Street. Sign on truck reads: "Green...

Olds Seed Company Trucks

Date: 01 29 1936
Description: Three men loading two L.L. Olds Seed Co. trucks with out-going mail, at 722 Williamson Street.

Design of Kernels of Grain

Date: 04 14 1931
Description: Design made from various kernels of grain. Taken for the Wisconsin Engraving Co.

Plant and Food Display

Date: 09 26 1928
Description: Copy of a photo of plant and food display of the "Great Northern Seed Company."

Vase of Dahlias

Date: 10 13 1927
Description: Vase of Dahlias for the Olds Seed Company catalog.

Dahlia Flower Heads

Date: 10 12 1927
Description: Arrangement of dahlia flower heads for Olds Seed Company catalog.

Dahlias in Three Vases

Date: 10 12 1927
Description: Dahlias in three vases for the Olds Seed Company catalog.

Japanese Lantern Plant

Date: 10 13 1927
Description: Dried arrangement of Japanese lantern plant in a vase for the Olds Seed Company catalog.

Seed Corn Experiment

Date: 1926
Description: Field of seed corn experiment.

International L-120 Truck, W-4 Tractor and Grain Drill

Date: 1950
Description: Slightly elevated view of two farmers working in a field with a truck, tractor and grain drill. One man is unloading bags of seed from an International L-1...

Loading Millet Seed onto International K-5 Truck

Date: 1941
Description: Man loading sacks of millet seed onto an International K-5 truck bound for a Chicago market. The truck was owned by Sowash Grain Co. Inc. of Crown Point, I...

Blaney Farms Shed with Heater

Date: 05 05 1947
Description: Blaney Hybred Seed Co. farm buildings, showing Despatch Super Convection Heater built by Despatch Oven Company, Minneapolis.

Blaney Farms Bookkeeper

Date: 05 05 1947
Description: Blaney Farms bookkeeper at a desk in the office.

Blaney's Seed Corn

Date: 06 04 1948
Description: New style bag of Blaney's seed. Writing on bag states: "Blaney's Hybrid Seed Corn, Blaney Farms, Certified Seeds, Madison, Wisconsin, Member of Wisconsin E...

Blaney Farm Seed Corn

Date: 05 17 1948
Description: Bag of Blaney Farm seed corn. Sign on bag reads: "Blaney's Hybrid Seed Corn, Blaney Hybrid Seed Corn Farms, Madison, Wisconsin, Member of Wisconsin Experim...

Wisconsin Seed Company

Date: 1940
Description: Exterior view of the Wisconsin Seed Company, Funk's Hybrid, with several automobiles parked beside it.

Madison Victory Gardener Purchasing Supplies

Date: 03 19 1944
Description: Alvan Rothermel, Glen Oak Hills, purchasing seed, labels and tools, for his Victory garden from Louis Schuster, manager of the L.L. Olds Seed Company, 720 ...

Mary Kessenich Schmitz and Children

Date: 04 20 1944
Description: Mary Kessenich Schmitz, sitting with her children Martha and David, looking at garden seed catalogs.

Pelton Seed and Supply Company

Date: 04 14 1946
Description: Jack Pelton, operator of the Pelton Seed and Supply Company, 1004 South Park Street, shown with a customer in his store.

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