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Eskimos Catching Crabs

Date: 1930
Description: Wenga and Amutuk catching crabs in the Arctic.

Loggers Top Loading a Log Bobsled

Date: 1900
Description: Loggers using pulley to top load logs on horse-drawn bob sled.

People on Sled

Description: Elevated view of a group of people posing on and around horse-drawn sleds. There is a man on the porch of the building in the background.

Modern Windsled

Date: 05 1954
Description: Windsled used to transport passengers and goods between Madeline Island and Bayfield. This image was in Ross' book, "La Pointe: Village Outpost".

Ice Fishing on Lake Superior

Date: 1942
Description: Two men and two boys standing on ice in front of a windsled. All four are holding lake trout.

Windsled "Hurricane Hazel"

Date: 1946
Description: Windsled "Hurricane Hazel" on Chequamegon. One man is sitting in the windsled, Another man is standing on the ice.

The Dream Sled

Date: 1955
Description: This was the first boat & sled-type wind sled built on Madeline Island. Built by Elmer Nelson for Howard Russell between 1950-1951. Had a 9-cylinder R-680-...

Transporting Parcels on Windsled

Date: 1954
Description: Elmer Nelson sorting through boxes of goods being transported on the "Dream Sled" windsled.

The Dream Sled

Date: 1953
Description: This was the first boat & sled-type windsled built on Madeline Island. Built by Elmer Nelson for Howard Russell between 1950-1951. Had a 9-cylinder R-680-E...

Boat-Type Windsled

Date: 1957
Description: A boat-type windsled on frozen Lake Superior.

Ski-Type Windsled

Description: Enclosed wooden box windsled mounted on three skis, sitting on lake ice near the shore.

Open Boat-Type Windsled

Description: Man driving windsled on frozen Lake Superior. The windsled is an open boat fitted with an engine and rudder.

Windsled near Pier

Date: 02 1948
Description: Elevated view of the enclosed wind sled shaped like the Maybe, sitting on the ice with La Pointe dock on the left.

Howard Russell and Dog Team

Date: 1920
Description: Howard Russell with dog team bringing the mail to La Pointe.

Outhouse behind Farmhouse

Date: 04 1923
Description: An outhouse without a door during the winter. The outhouse is situated under a tree behind a farmhouse.

St. Paul Ice Carnival Parade

Description: Elevated view of the St. Paul Ice Carnival; royal family equipages in street parade with crowd lining street. There is a real estate agency and a laundry o...

Children Sledding

Date: 1975
Description: A winter scene with excited children on a toboggan.

Logging Crew

Date: 1895
Description: A Knapp, Stout & Company crew with J. Bracklin (in fur coat), logging superintendent.

House on Bernard Court

Date: 12 19 1936
Description: View across street towards a three-story house on Bernard Court. The address on the door reads "202," and a sled is leaning up against the wall near the fr...

Crates of Horlick's Malted Milk Bound for Antarctica

Date: 1933
Description: Crates of Horlick's Malted Milk awaiting shipment to New Zealand for Adm. Richard E. Byrd's second Antarctic expedition. Huskie and dog sled in foreground....

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