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Men on Snowshoes

Date: 1935
Description: Winter scene with four men walking on snowshoes through a forest.

Semi-Pro Baseball

Date: 1915
Description: Two men playing baseball for semi-pro teams in a Milwaukee ballpark.

Adirondack Baseball Bat Factory

Date: 1965
Description: Interior of Adirondack Bats, Inc. baseball bat plant. These bats, made from New York and Pennsylvania white ash, received their final finish and are ready ...

Calvert Liquor Sign in Badger Sporting Goods Window

Date: 11 22 1944
Description: Calvert liquor sign and sporting goods displayed in the window of Badger Sporting Goods store, 418 State Street.

Berg's Sporting Goods Booth

Date: 09 25 1938
Description: Berg's Sporting Goods booth at the East Side Business Men's Association showing hunting and camping gear in a woodland setting.

Acrobatic Formation

Date: 03 10 1938
Description: Acrobats in formation, on stage with 15 participants holding various pieces of athletic equipment.

Sears Sporting Goods Display

Date: 03 02 1932
Description: Sears Roebuck & Co. sporting goods display, featuring guns and golf clubs with "Hercules Work Clothes" sign.

Linden High School Baseball Team

Date: 05 20 1931
Description: Outdoor group portrait of the Linden High School baseball team in uniforms, with ten players and an adult man, with sports equipment.

Middleton High School Track Squad

Date: 01 13 1931
Description: Group portrait of Middleton High School boy's track squad in uniform, including the coach. There is a pole vault and discus in the foreground.

Felton Gun Store Booth at ESBMA Fall Festival

Date: 09 10 1929
Description: Felton Gun Store booth at East Side Business Men's Association (ESBMA) Fall Festival." Sporting goods for sportsmen." Featuring a woodland campsite tableau...

Middleton Baseball Team

Date: 09 01 1929
Description: Players of the 1929 Middleton baseball team, champions of the Pure Home Talent league, posing for a group portrait in uniform with bats and other baseball ...

Sears Roebuck & Co. Interior

Date: 06 06 1929
Description: Interior view of the sports department at Sears Roebuck & Co. at 313 State Street.

Four Lakes Sports Co. Workshop Interior

Date: 10 30 1946
Description: Interior of Four Lakes Sports Company at 2441 East Washington Avenue. Shows part of office, workshop, and gun rack with guns, in relation to open stairway....

View of 600 Block State Street

Date: 1929
Description: View down State Street, with the Carol Shop and H.H. Petrie Sporting Goods.

Blied Building

Date: 12 10 1948
Description: Elevated view from the roof of the Park Hotel. Main Street businesses seen include, from the left: Western Union Telegraph Company at 21 West Main Street, ...

Interior of Store

Date: 05 03 1949
Description: Store interior with two men and two boys looking at baseball bats.

Buying Shotgun Shells

Date: 08 14 1944
Description: People lined up in front of Berg Sporting Goods Store, 2123 Atwood Avenue, to buy shotgun shells which were scarce due to World War II. Also shows Modern F...

Buying Shotgun Shells

Date: 09 15 1944
Description: Slightly elevated view of customers standing in line on the sidewalk waiting to purchase shotgun shells at Berg Sporting Goods Store, 2123 Atwood Avenue. O...

Inside Berg Sporting Goods Store

Date: 09 15 1944
Description: Three men and one salesman looking at duck decoys and buying shotgun shells inside Berg Sporting Goods Store, 2123 Atwood Avenue.

Officers of Scout Leaders Club

Date: 09 28 1944
Description: Officers of the Scout Leaders Club learning to build fires, making tin can stoves, and using outdoor equipment. Left to right are: Mrs. Eldred Tygum (Willn...

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