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Lexington Market

Date: 1905
Description: People posing at the Lexington Market.

Vendors (?) at Outdoor Market

Date: 1915
Description: One man and two women on an urban sidewalk with baskets of produce. The man's basket is decorated with white stars on a dark field. The people are probably...

Ticket Seller

Date: 1950
Description: A man operating a ticket booth in the Wisconsin Dells. He is playing a card game, probably solitaire, on the counter.

Fireworks Stand

Date: July 1927
Description: Three boys purchase fireworks from the proprietor of a National Fireworks tent near Ogden Avenue. The photograph was taken for International Harvester's Ag...

Family Farmers Market

Date: July 27 1988
Description: Cousins set up a road-side stand to sell fruits and vegetables grown by their grandfather.

Produce Market

Date: 1935
Description: Downtown outdoor market place.

Girl at Vegetable Stand

Date: 1917
Description: Girl selling vegetables to a customer at vegetable stand along Milwaukee pike. Original caption reads: "The little girl in charge sold over $800 worth of v...

Public Market

Description: Vendors sit beside their wares at a public market along a narrow street in La Paz, Bolivia.

Newsstand in C. M. St. P. Depot

Date: May 22 1936
Description: Newsstand in west side Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railway Depot, 644 West Washington Avenue.

Fauerbach and Blatz Beer Signs

Date: August 27 1933
Description: Fauerbach and Blatz beer signs at the concession stand at the Dane County fair. The signs read: "Fauerback Beer Served Here Exclusively!" and Blatz Brewing...

Adolph Gunness, Soldier Boy Ice Cream Bars Vendor

Date: June 28 1933
Description: Portrait of disabled World War I veteran Adolph Gunness, Soldier Boy Ice Cream Bars vendor, who was arrested for selling on the street.

Hot Tamale Vendor

Date: October 29 1931
Description: William Pearl with his "Tia Juana hot tamales" cart and a woman customer eating a hot tamale.


Date: April 24 1959
Description: Man driving Merrymobile ice cream vending truck. Press release caption reads: "Merrymobile - colorful ice cream vending vehicle - built by Merrymobile Co.,...

Street Market in Russia

Date: 1910
Description: Men, women, and children in a street market with baskets of produce in Russia, probably near Lubertzy.

Pretzel Seller at World Trade Center

Date: 1969
Description: A woman street vendor, in an embroidered jacket, sells pretzels on the street near the construction site of the World Trade Center.

Marathon County Court House

Date: 1927
Description: View of the Marathon County Court House. Cars and people are in the streets and on the sidewalks.

Maxwell Street Day

Date: September 1962
Description: Shoppers crowd the sidewalks on Maxwell Street Day.

Pedestrians on Sidewalk

Description: Pedestrians on sidewalk. The street is full of rubble and appears to be under repair or construction. Construction workers are also working in the street.

Woman Working at Newspaper Stand

Date: 1969
Description: A woman stands behind the counter under an awning of a newspaper stand.

Signs on Wall

Date: 1969
Description: On the left is part of a "New York State Lottery" sign, and on the right, a number of magazines are displayed, probably part of a newspaper stand.

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