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Governor Julius P. Heil Campaigning to Teenagers

Date: 10 1942
Description: Governor Julius P. Heil (1876-1949) speaks to Shawano High School students and others during his gubernatorial re-election campaign. He arrived during the ...

Cooking Classes at Hillside Home School

Description: Students in cooking class at Hillside Home School, an early progressive school, operated by Ellen and Jane Lloyd Jones, aunts of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Kids Drinking Milk in School

Date: 1921
Description: Classroom full of school children drinking milk at Washington school.

Myles Horton

Description: Seated group observes Myles Horton making notes.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Crew Team

Date: 05 26 1931
Description: University of Wisconsin-Madison crew team holding their long oars, with coxswain on a pier on Lake Mendota.

University of Wisconsin Students with Senator Mueller

Date: 03 09 1933
Description: University of Wisconsin students representing the U.W. Student Budget Committee present a petition to Senator Otto Mueller at the Wisconsin State Capitol. ...

University Student Bathers

Date: 07 29 1935
Description: Standing on the Alpha Chi Omega sorority pier, Willard Grasser and Robert Estes show what is and is not permitted with regard to men's bathing suits. "The ...

Edward Kremers & Friends in the Dells

Date: 1888
Description: Studio portrait of famed University of Wisconsin pharmacist, Edward Kremers, and several U.W. college friends on an outing to the Wisconsin Dells. Left to ...

Teenagers Listening to WVLR at the Eagle's Nest

Date: 1965
Description: Teenagers studying and playing pool at the Eagle's Nest, a popular teen hangout in downtown Sauk-Prairie. The Eagle's Nest had a juke-box, but the WVLR (Wi...

Safety Cadet Team

Date: 02 21 1985
Description: The Auer Avenue School's safety cadet team standing in front of the school building.

Rural School Health Parade and Festival

Date: 05 1928
Description: School children and teachers from Lemont township marching in a rural school festival parade. The children are dressed in white cloaks and hats bearing a m...

Christopher Columbus Play

Date: 11 28 1933
Description: Four children in costume surround a cardboard cutout of a sailing ship for a play about Christopher Columbus. The play was performed at Longfellow School, ...

Smokey Bear with School Children

Date: 1954
Description: A man dressed in a Smokey Bear costume is standing with two Milwaukee school children. A young girl is sitting at a desk, and a boy is standing and holding...

"The Hare and the Hedgehog"

Date: 12 11 1934
Description: Longfellow School children on stage perform a scene from the folk play "The Hare and the Hedgehog." Longfellow School is located in the Greenbush neighborh...

Fudge Party

Date: 1890
Description: College students at the University of Wisconsin having a fudge-making party around a small gas burner.

Electric Hair

Date: 01 10 1966
Description: Gail Lukas' hair stands on end when she places her hand on a Van de Graalf generator in a demonstration by the Atomic Energy Commission for junior high sch...

High Cholesterol Diet

Date: 03 17 1955
Description: Science fair entry using animals to test a high cholesterol diet against a control diet.

Female Graduation

Date: 06 03 1939
Description: Elevated view of female graduation procession.

Chemistry Experiment

Date: 05 25 1951
Description: Chemistry experiment by two men being conducted with steam rising from equipment.

Scene from "Time for Tomorrow"

Date: 1955
Description: Women, as well as men, can find a rewarding career in hospital pharmacy, as depicted here in a shot from "Time for Tomorrow", a film produced by the Americ...

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