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William C. Klatt, as a Physician

Date: 1905
Description: William C. Klatt, member of the Menomonie High School class of 1905, depicted as a physician operating on a disembodied head. Darkroom manipulation was use...

Operating Theater

Date: 1902
Description: Dr. Nicholas Senn demonstrates surgical techniques at Rush Medical College.

Governor Schmedeman in Wheelchair

Date: 10 26 1934
Description: Governor Albert Schmedeman sitting in a wheelchair smoking a cigarette, following left leg amputation.

Cadet Singers

Date: 08 29 1930
Description: Floyd's Cadets (singers), a vaudeville act, in military uniforms standing in a "V" formation with hands on hips on stage at Orpheum Theatre. "First use of ...

Operating Room

Date: 1911
Description: Doctors and nurses surround a patient on a gurney in an operating room at Stobhill General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

Dr. Joseph Schneider, Famous Eye Surgeon

Description: Dr. Joseph Schneider performs surgery on the eye of a man laying on a gurney, with assistance from a nun nurse and another man.

Surgeon at the Steward's Quarters

Description: A surgeon examines a patient at the steward's quarters. Joseph W. Curtis, hospital steward, is inside the tent, seated on a medicine chest.
Book or Pamphlet

Chapman's Medical School Brochure

Date: 1852
Description: Circular and catalogue advertising Dr. Chandler B. Chapman's "Practical School for Anatomy and Surgery." Madison, 1852.

Dr. John Maynard Woodworth, Physician

Date: 1865
Description: Vignetted carte-de-visite portrait of Dr. John Maynard Woodworth (1837-1879), American physician and naturalist. In 1871, Woodworth became the first Surgeo...

Mock Operation

Description: Three men, probably medical students, mimic an operation on a prostrate male. The men are identified left to right as: Price Arnold, Roy Van Schaick, Clyde...

Madison General Hospital Operating Room

Date: 05 13 1953
Description: View of a surgical procedure in process at Madison General Hospital. Student nurses are observing from a glassed-in gallery at the rear.

Red Cross Blood Recipient

Date: 01 29 1954
Description: Portrait of Phillip Drotning, executive secretary to Governor Walter J. Kohler, and surviving recipient of 30 pints of blood from the Red Cross during surg...

Red Cross Blood Recipient

Date: 02 14 1954
Description: Norman and Dorothy Braith stand beside Norman's iceboat "Mary B," the prize-winning iceboat owned by O. T. Havey. Norman is one of the crewmen and Dorothy ...

USS Relief Surgery

Date: 04 1945
Description: View of the gloved hands of a pair of surgeons as they begin to operate on a patient in Japan. One person is holding a scalpel over a portion of an exposed...

International Truck Advertising Proof

Date: 11 1948
Description: Advertising proof for International trucks, featuring color illustrations of a truck carrying coal, a baby, a hospital scene, and a refrigerator. Includes ...

Sale of Christmas Seals Help Tuberculosis Patients

Date: 11 11 1957
Description: Judy Schroeder of Reedsburg, a patient at Lake View Sanatorium, sits at a desk while painting. While preparing for heart surgery, it was discovered that sh...

Richard and Michael Schepp

Date: 07 09 1958
Description: Richard "Ricky" and Michael "Mickey" Schepp, ten-year-old twin sons of Charles and Matilda Schepp, pose with their arms around each other's shoulders at a ...

Blood Donors Keep Patient Alive

Date: 09 10 1959
Description: Tim Farrell and his mother, Mrs. Leslie Farrell, Pine Bluff, entertain "blood kin" Dr. Herbert Howe whose blood helped keep Tim alive during open heart sur...

Class of 1945 Plan 15th Reunion

Date: 05 13 1960
Description: Members of the University of Wisconsin Class of 1945 plan its 15 year reunion to be held at the Cuba Club in Madison. Seated left to right are: Mrs. Omar K...
Magazine or Periodical

Comely Features Article

Date: 12 1894
Description: An illustrated article in Godey's Ladies Book regarding "triumph of surgery" to improve one's facial features.

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