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Bryn Griffiths and Empty Safe at Capitol Theatre

Date: 03 04 1934
Description: Bryn Griffiths, Capitol Theatre advertising manager and treasurer, shown at empty safe after burglary.

DeForest State Bank

Date: 09 12 1933
Description: A group of people are gathering in front of the DeForest State Bank, site of a robbery.

Cashiers at DeForest State Bank

Date: 09 12 1933
Description: A.A. Linde, cashier, and Carl Linde, assistant cashier of DeForest State Bank, display the ropes and gag used during a robbery of the bank.

Wrecked Safe

Date: 04 30 1933
Description: Sinaiko Brothers Oil Co. filling station, at 702 Regent Street, showing wrecked safe damaged by thieves in robbery.

Stolen Cigarettes at Simon Brothers Warehouse

Date: 03 16 1932
Description: Cases of cigarettes recovered from a robbery were returned to the Simon Brothers Warehouse, 901 E. Washington Avenue.

Doylestown Bank After Robbery

Date: 09 11 1931
Description: Crowd standing on the street and sidewalk in front of the Doylestown Bank after a robbery.

First National Bank

Date: 04 17 1931
Description: A male cashier, with bandaged head, was injured in the robbery. He is standing outside of the bank that was robbed.

Rob Bake

Date: 11 15 1963
Description: Originally titled 'Rob Bake', two women count cash and receipts at Bernauer Bakeries & Delicatessen after an attempted robbery.

Edward Marr, Robbery Victim

Date: 10 03 1944
Description: Edward Marr, bank messenger for Montgomery Ward and Co., and victim of Madison's second daylight holdup in a month, is searching through the bandit picture...

Homer Cochrane inside Club Royal

Date: 12 24 1950
Description: Homer T. Cochrane, owner of the Club Royal at 112 E. Washington Avenue, is shown eying one of the empty cash registers in his tavern shortly after armed ba...

Larceny Trial

Date: 11 19 1951
Description: Alice Yngsdahl, center right, is shown in Superior Court with her attorney, W. Curtis Farmer, as Court Clerk Virginia McRedmond, right, reads the complaint...

Virginia in 1776, Virginia in 1861

Date: 1860
Description: Two images of the "family" of Virginia. Above depicts a happy, prosperous "family" at the Declaration of Independence in 1776. A banner with the stars and ...

Wyoming Prison Escapee

Date: 06 26 1953
Description: Portrait of Tracy Ukena, a Wyoming prison escapee, sentenced to a three-year prison term by Federal Judge Patrick T. Stone in the U.S. District Court. He h...

Ex-Convicts Confess to Robbery

Date: 12 09 1953
Description: Assistant District Attorney Robert I. Perina (left) hearing the confessions of Douglas R. Wright of Baraboo and William G. Lavine of St. Louis. The two rob...

Barron County Bank Robbers

Date: 03 24 1954
Description: U.S. Marshal Ray Schoonover leaves a hearing in Federal Court with Paul S. Hauser (left), accused of a bank hold-up in Barron County.

Barron County Bank Robbers

Date: 03 24 1954
Description: Elizabeth H. Pady leaves a hearing in Federal Court. She was accused of a bank holdup in Barron County.

"Sylvia of the Secret Service" Movie Still

Date: 1917
Description: Still from the 1917 Path√© movie "Sylvia of the Secret Service," featuring Irene Castle (playing Sylvia Carroll), surprising a safecracker.

Men Logging

Description: Logging crew of four men with a team of oxen hauling logs through a snow-covered forest.

Stolen Loot

Date: 01 17 1958
Description: The original caption states: "Dane County sheriff's officials survey about $300 worth of auto parts and other merchandise recovered from members of a juven...

Crime Re-enactment

Date: 04 23 1986
Description: This image was captured during the re-enactment of a crime that took place at a convenience store on Tuesday, April 22nd, 1986. The killing of Andrew N. Ne...

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