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Family Group in Front of Farm Buildings

Date: 1890
Description: Man and woman posing sitting, each holding a child in their lap, and a young man, girl, and a boy holding a toy horn, are posing standing. The group is pos...

Norwegian Family with Possessions

Date: 1870
Description: Norwegian family posing with their household possessions, in front of their home. The man dressed in military uniform is a Civil War veteran. Madison, Wisc...

Family in their Living Room

Date: 1955
Description: Family in their living room. The mother watches television, the father reads a newspaper, the daughter reads a book, and two sons play with a train set.

Children and Adults at Wading Pool

Description: A group of children and adults at a wading pool in a park.

Toy Truck with California Sun-Maid Seedless Raisins

Date: 1923
Description: Buddy L toy model S truck hauling California Sun-Maid Seedless Raisins.

Father with Three Children

Date: 05 1958
Description: A father, Peter Froeming, watching as his three children George, Robert, and Roseann are playing with wooden blocks, with a small toy canoe in the foregrou...

Arcade Toys Advertising Poster

Date: 07 1927
Description: Advertising poster for International Harvester toys produced by Arcade Toys. Includes color illustrations of a toy model farm, tractor, truck, plow, wagon ...

Arcade Toys Advertising Poster

Date: 1926
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering miniature models produced by Arcade Toys. Includes illustrations of a toy tractor, plow, and wagon drawn by horses...

Here's a Good Plan That Succeeds

Date: 1925
Description: Dealer "mailing folder" promoting the sale of toys and the free distribution of novelties through the company's dealerships. Includes color illustrations o...

Mother and Baby Playing

Date: 1903
Description: Beatrice C. Gesell and Gerhard Gesell, Jr. play out-of-doors. While mother watches the baby sits on a pillow playing with a volume titled "Educational Prob...

Children Playing in Bedroom

Date: 02 10 1955
Description: Elevated view of boy sitting on a toy fire engine, another boy dressed as a cowboy, and a girl with a toy cash register playing in the bedroom.

Woman with Dollhouse

Date: 11 14 1955
Description: Woman making a small adjustment to an interior room in a dollhouse.

Boy with Hula-Hoop

Date: 09 22 1967
Description: A boy is twirling a "hula-hoop" around his neck while another child is watching from the left foreground.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger

Date: 12 24 1901
Description: Alex Krueger and his wife decorating a Christmas tree in their home. Flash picture.

Krueger Children at their First Christmas

Date: 12 26 1900
Description: Jennie, in rocking chair, and Edgar Krueger, on a rocking horse, with small Christmas tree and toys, including wagon, blocks, and doll, displayed outside o...

Children by Christmas Tree

Date: 01 1905
Description: Young children, Jennie and Edgar Krueger, playing with toys near their family Christmas tree.

College Dorm

Date: 08 27 1971
Description: Deborah Weishapl of Union, NJ tosses a stuffed Snoopy doll to new roommate Kathy Vokaty of Edina, MN as they move into their dorm in O'Donnell Hall at Marq...

Girl with Dolls

Description: Young Jennie Krueger, the photographer's daughter, sitting with her dolls on the porch.

Kids at the Beach

Date: 07 10 1967
Description: A boy and girl play in the sand at the beach.

Children Relaxing in the Pool

Date: 06 18 1989
Description: Overhead view of four children relaxing in a wading pool.

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