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Camp Randall

Date: 05 1864
Description: Lithograph of Camp Randall, where the majority of Wisconsin's soldiers were trained and mustered into the Union Army. This view, which was taken from Basco...

Dickey Chapelle Covering Operation Inland Seas

Date: 07 1959
Description: Dickey Chapelle, photographer, on the same Milwaukee beach where she learned to swim as a young girl. She was covering "Operation Inland Seas" celebrating ...

Arrival of "Woodrush"

Date: 1949
Description: View from dock of the U.S. Coast Guard ship "Woodrush" arriving at the La Pointe dock to clear ice. Two trucks are on the dock, one with a piano.

Testing an IH Military Truck

Date: 1941
Description: Man testing an International military M-2-4 4x4 truck on a snow-covered hill.

Storm Snapshots

Date: 1917
Description: A page of snapshots showing scenes at sea during a storm. Part of a scrapbook of photographs from Stevenson's service in World War I.

Silver Service on Display

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: The silver service, which was a gift of the State to the USS "Wisconsin," on display during the presentation ceremony.

The Silver Presentation Delegation

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: Members of the official Silver Presentation Delegation on board the USS "Wisconsin". Bottom left to right: Judge Rosenberry, Captain Roper, and Oscar Renne...

Silver Presentation Delegation and Wives

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: The official delegation party with their wives at the ceremony of silver service presentation aboard the USS "Wisconsin". Seated left to right are Judge Ro...

Justice Marvin B. Rosenberry

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: Justice Marvin B. Rosenberry leaving the stand after delivering the address presenting the Wisconsin Silver Service aboard the USS "Wisconsin".

U.S.S Wisconsin

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: Elevated view of the USS Wisconsin Silver Presentation ceremony, with the ship's guns in the foreground.

Soldiers on a TD-18 Diesel TracTracTor

Date: 05 15 1941
Description: Three African American field artillery soldiers crossing a creek on a TD-18 diesel crawler tractor (TracTracTor) and 155 mm gun. The soldiers were from Bat...

Soldiers with Military Trucks

Date: 08 29 1918
Description: U.S. soldiers standing in a street with military trucks parked along a curb near the McCormick Works. The truck bodies were likely built under military con...

Wright Airplane Landing

Date: 04 1909
Description: An Italian soldier on horseback watches Wilbur Wright land a Wright "Flyer" somewhere near Rome. After his triumphant demonstration of the "Flyer" in Franc...

General Mitchell in the Cockpit

Date: 1918
Description: General William "Billy" Mitchell in the cockpit of his airplane.

Medical Evacuation

Date: 11 1951
Description: A wounded Korean War soldier being carried on an airplane for evacuation to a military hospital in Japan. This snapshot was taken by journalist and news co...

Refueling, Wisconsin Air National Guard

Date: 1963
Description: A KC-97 of the 126th Refueling Squadron, Wisconsin Air National Guard, refueling an F-84 fighter over eastern Wisconsin.

C-124 Transport Airplane

Date: 05 01 1954
Description: Men of the 57th Infantry Division wait to begin loading on a C-124C "Globemaster II" for transport to their training site. The C-124, a development on the ...

Iwo Jima Medical Facilities

Date: 03 1945
Description: Medical facilities, Iwo Jima plus nine. This image is one of many taken by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle in the aftermath of the landing at Iwo Ji...

Iwo Jima Airfield

Date: 02 1945
Description: Iwo Jima Airfield #1, as it appeared nine days after the initial assault. On the runway is a C-47 transport plane, the military equivalent of the DC-3. Thi...

TAG Operations, WWII

Date: 03 1945
Description: TAG operations on Falalop Island in the Pacific. This image is one of many taken by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle during the latter stages of the ...

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