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Pacifico and Petlovany Bakery Truck

Date: 1922
Description: International Harvester Model S truck with delivery body, Pacifico and Petlovany Bakery.

International Truck Carrying Female Employees

Date: 1918
Description: International G-1(?) truck carrying International Harvester Company women workers during World War I. The truck is decorated with flags and shields bearing...

International Model G Trucks Hauling Coal

Date: 1918
Description: Two International two ton model G trucks hauling coal for the H.A. Robinson Fuel Co. A sign above the company's office building reads "gravity coal pockets...

Chicago Truck Driver Getting Into International Truck

Date: 1966
Description: Truck driver Joseph Rito getting into an International truck. Rito drove for McNeil.

Truck Driver Joseph Gonzalez in International DB-405 Truck

Date: 1963
Description: Truck driver Joseph Gonzalez in his International DB-405 Budweiser beer truck at the terminus of U.S. Highway 1. A sign in front of the truck reads "end of...

Man Driving International Model M Highwheeler Truck

Date: 1912
Description: Man driving an International Model M highwheeler with roof. The Model M, introduced in 1915, was rated at 1000 pounds carrying capacity and featured a heav...

Man Driving International Heavy-Duty Freight Service Truck

Date: 03 14 1928
Description: Man driving an International heavy-duty freight service truck owned and operated by Arthur Dixon Transfer Company.

International G-61 Truck Carrying Orange Smash Soda

Date: 1920
Description: International Model G-61 loaded with Orange Smash soda and parked in middle of a city street. A man is sitting in the driver's seat. The truck was owned an...

International Model F Truck in Street

Date: 1920
Description: Man in the driver's seat of an International Model F or 31 truck parked in the middle of a city street. The truck was owned by Caldabaugh Bros., proprietor...

International Model M Grocery Truck

Date: 1916
Description: Man sitting behind the wheel of an International Model M grocery truck in front of the Good Luck grocery store. A sign on the back of the truck reads: Good...

International Auto Wagon on Snowy Street

Date: 1910
Description: Two young men are driving an International Auto Wagon through a snow-bound residential street. The truck was owned by C.H. Morgan & Co.

International Tow Truck in front of Dealership Service Station

Date: 05 01 1928
Description: A man is sitting in the driver's seat of an International tow truck in front of an International motor truck dealership and service station.

Mechanic Servicing International Truck

Date: 02 15 1929
Description: Mechanic with clipboard and trouble light examines the engine of an International truck used to deliver "Holsum" brand bread at an International Harvester ...

International Truck Dealers Pose with Truck Driver

Date: 1976
Description: View of two International truck dealers posing with truck driver and International Transtar II in front of dealership. Truck was owned by Carstensen Freigh...

Unloading Vegetables from an International C-30 Truck

Date: 10 27 1936
Description: Truck driver Neil Wah unloading vegetables from an International C-30 truck owned by Richmond Growers Company, Ltd. The company was the selling organizatio...

Berlin Airlift Coal Shipment

Date: 1948
Description: A British soldier directs the truck driver as German workers prepare to load a shipment of coal on a U.S. Air Force C-54 airplane at Fassberg Airfield. Fro...

Kroger's Semi Trailer Truck

Date: 12 28 1940
Description: View towards a man sitting in the driver's seat of a Kroger Grocery & Baking Company semi trailer truck. There is a Clock bread sign on the side.

Roth Coal Silos and Trucks

Date: 10 12 1937
Description: Seven coal delivery trucks and six drivers parked in front of eight different coal silos (Kathleen, Enos, St. David, Orient, Waukeegan, United, Pocahontas ...

McKay Nursery

Date: 05 12 1937
Description: Three men and three trucks parked in front of McKay Nursery Co. building.

C.E. and P.A. Roth Coal Co. Trucks

Date: 04 22 1937
Description: C.E. and P.A. Roth fleet of 10 trucks with drivers parked in front of their office, 2008 Roth Street (?).

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