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Communing with the Turtle

Date: May 07 1967
Description: A boy is holding a turtle close to his face and gazing into its eyes.

Two-Headed Turtle

Date: November 02 1931
Description: Two-headed snapping turtle, found near the Yahara River outside of Stoughton by Leo Halverson.
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Pictographs On Lake Superior And Carp River

Date: 1851
Description: Pictographs on Lake Superior and Carp River, Mich. Six rows of animals, canoes, birds, human figures, and other symbols.

Red Caboose Day Care Mural

Date: March 20 1977
Description: A mural painted on the side of the Red Caboose Day Care Center at 654 Williamson Street. Images in the mural include children playing, grasshoppers, a turt...
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Deering Catalog Illustration

Date: 1888
Description: Back cover of an advertising catalog for grass cutting machinery manufactured by William Deering and Company. Features an illustration of small children an...

Tall-tale Postcard: Fishing with Turtle

Date: 1919
Description: Photomontage of a fisherman in a rowboat catching a giant turtle. The male companion of the fisherman has fallen in and lost his hat amidst the excitement....

Steering The Tractor, Safety Cartoon

Date: 1958
Description: Cartoon from an International Harvester operator's manual. The cartoon is below the heading: "Steering the Tractor". The cartoon depicts a man riding a per...

Children and Their Pets

Date: April 02 1949
Description: Nine-year-old Susan Kamm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit (Marjorie) Kamm, 1015 Yale Road, is pictured with her pet turtle, "Barney". Susan purchased her p...

Girl Scouts Play Day

Date: May 15 1954
Description: Two campers from Sun Prairie looking at a turtle found during the seventh and eighth grade Girl Scouts play day at the Black Hawk Council's Camp Brandenbur...

Three Men Fishing

Description: Three fishermen and a black dog sit on a log overhanging a river. One man is reeling in a fish and another holds his catch. The man in the middle is holdin...

Turtle Game

Date: June 1994
Description: "Players coax on turtles at the 'Turtle Game' at Firemen's Park."

A Place for All People

Date: September 2013
Description: A mural of a hummingbird, a robin, a fox, a cat, a frog, a mouse, and a turtle together in a lush grove. The mural is on the wall at the neighborhood cente...


Date: September 2013
Description: A small turtle moves along the sand at the Henry Vilas Zoo. Next to the reptile (tortoise) is the morning dish of nibbles. A plastic cactus is in the backg...

Opening Day Fishing Season - The Reverse

Date: 1979
Description: Imaginative pen-and-ink drawing of a man dressed in fishing gear suspended above the fireplace in a living room from a nail in the wall. Below the man is a...

Opening Day Fishing Season - Fish Tales

Date: 1987
Description: Imaginative pen-and-ink drawing titled, "Fish Tales (The Truth is Irrelevant, A Lie Well Told Lives Forever)." Sid adds the following words to describe the...

Executives with Snapping Turtle

Date: 1953
Description: Two executives standing in a parking lot behind the Gisholt Machine Company. The man on the left is standing with his hands behind his back. The man on th...

Opening Day Fishing Season

Date: 1970
Description: Imaginative pen-and-ink drawing of a view across water towards a fisherman wearing waders and holding his spinning rod and creel is crouching on his hands...

Opening Day Fishing Season

Date: 1982
Description: Imaginative pen-and-ink drawing. This drawing appeared in the Capitol Times on April 30, 1982 with the caption: "The opening of the state fishing se...
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Amérique Septentrionale: Dressée sur les Relations les Plus Modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs, ou se Remarquent les Etats Unis

Date: 1790
Description: An updated and corrected version of Robert de Vaugondy's 1750 map "Amérique Septentrionale: Dressée sur les Relations les Plus Modernes des Voyageurs et Na...
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Pictorial Record of a Chief's Success in Hunting and War

Date: 1851
Description: Pictorial record of a Chief's Success in Hunting and War displayed in pictographs. Two rows of symbols including animals, human figures and plants.

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